What should you know while choosing vape gadget?

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How to choose an electronic cigarette: tips for beginners:

Nowadays, to the attention of consumers presented a vast amount of electronic cigarettes. For a beginner, as a rule, it is quite challenging to choose the desired model from such a wide range. Who buys these devices and why? Someone is trying to get a new palette of tastes and sensations from the process of smoking, and someone is working on reducing the monthly expenses for the purchase of tobacco products, which have so dramatically increased in price. Motives for buying EC are not so important. The bottom line is that before purchasing this product should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and find out what e-cigarettes are. This will give an opportunity to choose in favor of the model that can satisfy all the requests and expectations from the smoking process.

EC is the so-called steam inhaler, which is used to create an imitation of smoking. Tightening with the evaporation of the e-liquid in the cartridge produces steam. Nicotine is present in the composition of liquids used to fill cartridges. But they are also non-nicotine. How to choose an e-cigarette and what is needed for an e-cigarette - these are already questions of the individual needs of a smoker.

The electronic cigarette (Vapingdaily.com suggests n\more info) includes three main elements: a battery, through which the flow of electricity occurs; atomizer (vaporizer), which is designed to produce steam; cartridge responsible for the flow of fluid into the vaporizer.

Mini  - a small electronic cigarette in diameter ranges from 11 to 12 mm. These models are not so well known in the market, as many still prefer the options with standard sizes.

Middle - the average diameter of such devices is from 14 to 16 mm. Models of these sizes are the most popular, and for suppliers of these products they are considered standard. They have a vast variety.

Mods - such models have a large diameter - 20 mm. They are very high quality and reliable, which explains their popularity among users who consume electronic cigarettes for an extended period.

Sticks and tubes differ in the same principle of action, but their appearance strongly distinguishes them. These models are preferred by those smokers, for whom the aesthetic side of smoking, the volume of the cartridge and the capacity of the battery are essential.

Having chosen in favor of one or another form of electronic cigarette, the next factor to which you should pay attention is the technical component of this product. Detailed familiarization with the characteristics of the mechanisms of an electronic cigarette will help to understand this issue quickly.

How to choose an electronic cigarette based on the characteristics of the battery? Batteries are divided into automatic and mechanical. Automatic batteries include chips and pressure regulators. When tightening, the pressure controller is activated, and the battery supplies voltage to the evaporator. At this point, the evaporation of the cheap vape juice begins, causing steam to form. Mechanical battery packs have chips with buttons. They enable the smoker to adjust the intensity of the voltage on the evaporator manually. To do this, making a puff, you should hold the button.

For the battery to work in the correct mode and keep the charge well, at the very beginning of using the device, it is necessary to discharge the battery completely several times. The charging process should last about eight hours. In the future, the use of the device involves charging the battery for no more than three hours. Electronic cigs with mechanical batteries are considered more reliable and practical.

Vaporizers are divided into maintenance-free, which are presented as a non-separable mechanism. If the helix is broken, such an atomizer is no longer suitable for further use; semi-serviced, which are equipped with removable heads. In case of malfunctions arising during the use, it is possible to replace them; serviced, the mechanism of which makes it possible to change the nichrome spiral with your own hands.

The vape juice includes the following main components: propylene glycol is a liquid without color, having a sweetish taste, which is used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology; glycerin is a viscous substance that has neither color nor odor, which is used in the food industry and cosmetology. It also contains liquid nicotine - is an alkaloid that is found in cultures from the order of the nightshade; food flavors, which include substances of natural and artificial origin and determine the taste and smell of food; distilled water.

The types of custom vape juice differ not only in their constituents and smell but also in the number of nicotine substances they contain. The degree of strength of the liquid EC varies from 0 mg/ml to 24 mg/ml. It can be non-nicotine, light, medium, strong and very strong. Every smoker, when choosing a liquid, must rely on his personal experience, which is gained gradually. For those, who decide to buy this device for the first time - you do not need to choose the most expensive models with a large amount of charging the battery and serviced evaporator.

So how to choose and what to look for when buying? When buying an e-cigarette, check the complete set of the device. Its kit should include such components as a slurry tank, clearomizer, power supply, and cover. Make sure the device is operational. To do this, you need to put it on charge and see if it charges. Remember that an appropriately selected atomizer is the key to a long and uninterrupted operation of your vape. Choosing it, you should pay attention to the location of the evaporator. It has either an up or down position. In the first case, the evaporation will be warmer. Depending on how many spirals the evaporator contains, the duration of the battery charge will depend, as well as the effect on steam saturation. The larger the capacity for a vape liquid, the less often it needs to be refilled. At the same time, this option is not suitable for lovers of different tastes - here it is better to purchase a drip-atomizer or just a drip. Selecting a device, consider your desires and capabilities. Some tools are costly, so not every e-cig will pay off soon.

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