What You Need to Start Making YouTube Videos

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 29, 2019 09:57 AM EDT

Our current daily lives take place in the middle of a technological era, where information is almost everywhere, you just have to know what you want to find. But one of the most common ways to keep up with information nowadays is by watching videos. And one of the most frequented, most popular video platforms is YouTube.

What is YouTube?

A virtual platform that offers free video sharing services, a place where you can have a voice, where you can be part of a community, comment on already existent videos, or upload and create your own. YouTube has become one of the popular ways to discover new things or to listen and watch music videos, shows, guides on how things work and more, for both teens and adults. The best part is that it is not only free, but you can make some money from it as well by uploading your own videos and content.

Benefits of having a YouTube channel

While having one may sound a bit too much for some, others are eager to make their voice heard, share their opinions, and comment.

  • Make your business noticed

If you have a business going on, be it in the digital version or in real life, promoting it on YouTube may bring a rise in your customers. In addition to promoting your own work in one of the most captivating possible ways, via recording and images, you also give to the audience more content to watch. Who knows, maybe someone waited for a lot of time to see something like what you post.

  • New friends

By making the videos that you like, or would like to watch, you attract people with similar tastes. You can make new friends, expand your horizon to new things by meeting new and interesting people, all by being part of a community.

  • Enhances creativity

It is not easy to come up with new and interesting video content. Therefore, think out of the box; let your creativity flow and your subscriber numbers will raise.

  • True colors

Are you shy and you would like to change that? Do you wish you can be more outgoing, to move forward? YouTube is a great way to finally fight your timidity. You do not have to start with a face reveal right from the start, you can take it step by step until you are comfortable enough to show yourself to the world. But even by speaking before an audience, be it one that sees your face or not, you make a huge step when dealing with stage fright or extreme introversion. So, be bold and take the first step. You do not know it, but you might end up enjoying it more than you would think.

What you need to start your YouTube channel

There are several steps you have to make and several things to take into account before you start making a YouTube channel.

1. What is your channel about?

Think about what you want to make your channel about. Is it a beauty and make-up channel? Is it a gaming one? Does it look more like a vlog? Is it a music one?

Take your time and plan your channel's theme. That way you will not become confused when you wish to upload something, and your viewers will know what to expect from you.

2. Set up your channel.

Use your already existing YouTube account or your Google account to sign in. Or, just create a new account specially made for your new channel. That way you are sure that you have all your YouTube related content in one place.

3. Think of a name along with a profile picture

Your account's name and profile picture are quite important. They will not only portray what you wish to make your videos about, but they will work as a type of 'brand' when your content is talked about as well. So pick wisely!

4. Equipment and video genre

In order to achieve the best quality possible when speaking about videos and video content, certain tools must be used.

For Vlogging

Video blogging, vlogging, has become quite a trend in recent years. Thus, not only is it an easy way to start your YouTube channel, but it will give you time to acquire more equipment for your future videos as well.

Depending on what type of vlogging you wish to do, you have a range of possibilities.

  • Use a handheld camera. Choose one that is light and easy to maneuver.

  • Smartphone camera. Phones nowadays come with a relatively decent camera. Take advantage of that and use it. But do not forget to turn it horizontally, if you wish your video to be viewer-friendly.

  • Webcam. If your PC or laptop has a webcam incorporated, consider using it. Not only is it static, and therefore more stable, but also user-friendly

  • Camcorders. You wish to have more refined and high-quality videos? Try a 4k camcorder. It is light and easy to carry, thus, the quality it offers is of the finest ones.

  • DSLR. When you wish to go pro, use a DSLR cam. They have a very good quality while their functions will definitely give your work that professional vibe you are looking for.

For Gaming

Are you an avid gamer? Do you wish to cover games, be they on PC or consoles? Then be sure to choose a good device to record your games, such as a capture card. Easy to use, requiring only an HDMI cable, it has great quality and lets you enjoy your gameplay undisturbed. They work for both PC and console games.

Adventure and Sport

Do you enjoy going out and doing crazy stuff? Do you enjoy skydiving, skateboarding or any other kind of sport? You want it captured on camera? Using GoPro camera you can have that perfect jump captured just in time. Very small, easy to hold, and extremely resistant, this type of action-camera is one of the best choices even when you wish to film underwater.


Speaking of videos, you need a good microphone. Choose any type you want as long as it goes along with your channel content. However, check its quality. A good, high-quality microphone can, most of the times, make a huge difference in your videos. Also, use filters to negate background noises.

To sum up, think about what you wish to speak about, what your channel theme is and what your videos are going to portray. Plan your equipment in advance accordingly and do not be afraid to show your creative side to the world!

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