'Twitter' Reopens Profile Verification: How You Can Verify Your Twitter Account

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 03, 2021 12:08 AM EDT
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Users of Twitter will now have the opportunity of grabbing their own blue tick with their profiles as the social networking site will reopen the applications for profile verification. This was after they suddenly stop accepting said applications for a week.

Last May 20th, their @verified page posted a Tweet that users can submit their applications in-app by going to their account settings.

The 'blue badges' are physical proof that your profile is verified by Twitter after going through the verification process.

According to the site's blog post regarding the reopening of the process, it will give people on Twitter context on who they are having communications with while checking if they are a trustworthy account.

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"It gives people on Twitter more context about who they're having conversations with so they can determine if it's trustworthy, which our research has shown leads to healthier, more informed conversations," they said.

They also said that in lieu with the new verification process, new guidelines will be introduced. These said guidelines will encourage healthy conversations to ensure a better community within the site itself.

"They follow the philosophy to lead by example, Tweet others how they want to be Tweeted, and serve the public conversation authentically, respectfully, and with consideration," they said.

According to Financial Express in its article, the verification process itself is being done depending on the volume of applications Twitter is receiving. Hence it is unclear when the users will have the response from the social networking site regarding their verification status.

Hindustani Times also said in their article that the said verification process are bombarded with a huge number of requests from its users as the 'blue badge' has been one of their highly requested Twitter feature for years.

How to verify your Twitter Account in-app

For your Twitter Account to get verified, you must follow these easy steps. Twitter said in their @verified account that you can do the verification within your Twitter app.

But first, you must know if your Twitter account is "Authentic," "Notable," and "Active."

It means that your account must have a profile name and image, must logged in within the last 6 months, has a confirmed email address and phone number, and did not have a 12-hour or 7-day lockouts due to violations of their rules within the last 12 months.

To do so, you need to go first to the "Settings and privacy" tab on your Twitter app, which can be seen after you pressed the "hamburger" icon on the upper left corner of your smartphone screen.

Next, go to "Account," then tap the "Your Twitter data" tab. From there, press the "Account" Tab, then enter your Twitter account password to confirm your entry. After that, you can check if you are eligible to apply for verification.

If you are, then you go back to the "Account" tab under the "Settings and privacy" tab and look for the "Verification Request" tab.

According to Twitter, if you did not see the tab itself, you need to wait for a little bit as they will gradually rolling it out for everyone so that they will review said requests in a timely manner.

Once you get through to this tedious process, you will be greeted with a page within the app that will first ask you are - an Activist, Organizer or Influencer, a Company, Brand or Organization, an Entertainer, a Government Official or affiliate, a Journalist or a News Organization, or a Professional Sports or E-Sports Entity.

Once you stated the identity of your account, you must submit the following - a photo of your Government-issued ID, your Official email address, and your Official website.

When you finished submitting those requirements, you need to wait for Twitter's email response within the few days or few weeks depending on how many open applications in the queue they are receiving or approving.

According to The Verge, users who sent their applications would wait within one to four weeks.

Once they approve your request, you will get the 'blue badge' which is seen behind the name of your account. If it is denied and you think the decision is a mistake, you can reapply 30 days after receiving the email.

Twitter is also considering adding more categories for people who are eligible for verification, including those who are working in academics, scientists, and religious leaders.

The social networking site has been verifying accounts for so long since 2009, and it was stopped in 2017 after a confusion over endorsements.

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