'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Wedding Season: How to Unlock Items Using Heart Crystals

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 03, 2021 03:52 AM EDT
Players will have the power to design the photo shoot for the wedding anniversary of Reese and Cyrus in the return of "Wedding Season" in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
(Photo: Screenshot from Mayor Mori's "Animal Crossing New Horizons: WEDDING SEASON UPDATED for 2021 (New Items Revealed) ACNH Event Guide")

June is the month for weddings in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" as the game will celebrate the return of its Wedding Season Event this month. New furniture and costumes will be added from the event's rewards list of the last year.

When logging in the game, Isabelle will mention the event during her morning announcements.

Once these announcements were done, your NookPhone will receive a phone call from Harvey, telling you to come to his island, which is accessible by the airport. When you arrive at the island, you will be greeted with Reese and Cyrus, the couple that needs your help in arranging their photo shoot for their 1st wedding anniversary. Keep in mind that the couple had their wedding last year.

You will eventually meet Harvey, who will give you a quick tour of his photo studio, where the photo shoot will be held. Realizing that the studio was empty, you will be prompted to help Harvey in filling it in with furniture and props.

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From there, your Wedding Season quest begins. You may visit Harvey multiple times during the duration of event, but only if you speak to him first before visiting her studio. If you did otherwise, the event will not trigger, causing you to not receive any event-based items,

Let the Photo Shoot Begin

Upon entering the studio, you will approach Reese to learn how to decorate the place. Once you are done with quick tutorial, she will provide you a specific theme for the photo shoot.

According to DBLTap.com's guide for the event, you can press the Down arrow on your D-Pad to enter the Designer Mode and begin designing the furniture that is needed for the shoot. After entering the Designer Mode, you can select the furniture by pressing the Right arrow button.

Once you set the furniture needed, you may now proceed taking photos of the couple for their wedding anniversary. After the photo shoot, you can talk to Reese again, where she will give you the reward for the event.

You can repeat the quest more often as long as you note Harvey regarding your visit to the studio. Every day after you accomplish the quest, Reese will give you a piece of the wedding set along with the Heart Crystals that you can exchange for furniture items and costumes.

She will give you a total of seven items within the first week of the quest's completion - a Wedding Bench, a Wedding Table, a Wedding Flower Stand, a Wedding Head Table, a Wedding Pipe Organ, a Wedding Arch, and a Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate.

You will also get the Wedding Wand and the Wedding Fence DIY recipes on the seventh day after completing the photo shoot for six times. For the fencing, you can approach Harvey, while for the wand, you can approach Cyrus.

According to Polygon.com's guide, the more furniture that you used in the shoot, the more Heart Crystals will you get. You can receive up to 11 Heart Crystals for the first seven days and up to 15 on the proceeding days.

The same guide also said that there are 24 items in the wedding set, but you do not need to accomplish the event within 24 days to get them all. Any remaining items, as well as duplicates of what Reese is given you as rewards, can be bought using the Heart Crystals that you obtained.

You can approach Cyrus, and from there, you can buy the said items to him.

For the complete list of the items that you will be acquiring for the quest, you may look at this guide by Polygon.com.

The Wedding Season Event will last until June 30th. Aside from the event, the game will have its "June Bride" event where you can buy wedding-related items such as Nuptial Door Plate, Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Ring Pillow, and Flower Petal Basket.

According to EssentiallySports.com, these items will be available through the Nook Shopping's "season section" in different variants, except for the Flower Petal Basket. According to Attack of the Fanboy, both the Door Plate and the Ring Pillow costs 2,200 Bells.

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