'Overwatch' OWL June Joust Widowmaker Skin Guide: How to Unlock the 'Ange De La Mort' Skin

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 10, 2021 04:52 AM EDT
You can get this Overwatch League-exclusive Widowmaker "Ange de la Mort" skin from June 9 to June 21.
(Photo: Screenshot from Game Watch Today's "Ange De La Mort Widowmaker limited time Overwatch League skin")

Blizzard has announced that Widowmaker will have a new skin in celebration of the incoming "June Joust" of the Overwatch League this coming June 10th to June 12th. The sleek and sexy femme fatale sniper of Overwatch will receive the legendary "Ange de la Mort" skin, which will be available within this month.

Translated as "Angel of Death" in French and as a reference to her in-game lore, the "Ange de la Mort" skin, according to Forbes, is what the players would get if Widowmaker tries to cosplay fellow Damage character Reaper due to its gloomy aesthetic.

The skin is a mixture of black with gray and red outlines and it has a skull-like buckler in the waist. Her signature spider motif was seen on her chest.

Widowmaker's "Ange de la Mort" skin is the second legendary skin that Overwatch is giving away for their 2021 Overwatch League Season. Last May, during their "May Melee" Regionals, the pun-filled "MM-Mei" Legendary Skin for Mei was released.

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Overwatch League 2021 Explainer

The "June Joust" was the second among the four tournaments that the League will be doing for this year's season. The "May Melee" saw the Dallas Fuel won after a 4-2 victory against the Shanghai Dragons in the Finals.

This June, according to DBLTap.com, the top 4 teams, including the "May Melee" runner-up Dragons, along with New York Excelsior, both representing the East region, the "May Melee" winners Fuel and Atlanta Reign, both from West region, will square off in a double elimination-style match bracket.

Teams that will be lost twice duing the said tournament will be eliminated, and the top team from both the Winner's Bracket and the Loser's Bracket will face off in a 6-match Finals.

Aside from the "June Joust" tournament, there will also be the "Widowmaker 1v1" event where four players representing the four teams involved in the "June Joust" will battle it out using the Widowmaker. This will happen on June 12, the day of the "June Joust" tournament finals.

How to get your "Ange de la Mort" Skin

According to Dexerto.com, the "Ange de la Mort" skin can be obtainable with the help of Overwatch League Tokens, a currency that can be used in buying other Overwatch League-themed items, including character skins.

These token can be obtained if you are watching a livestream of a match, much like Twitch Drops, which you can get if you are watching a specific Twitch streamer or content creator.

To do this, first you need to link your Battle.net account to your Youtube account. In order to do so, you must go to the "Connected Apps" section of your YouTube account settings. Search for the "Battle.net" among the list of other gaming apps, then click the "Connect" button beside it.

Once you are done linking, you may now enjoy watching your Overwatch League "June Joust" tournament while racking up those tokens.

Collect 200 Overwatch League Tokens before you buy the "Ange de la Mort" skin for Widowmaker, which will be sold in limited time from June 9th until June 21st.

The "June Joust" of the Overwatch League kicks off with Atlanta Reign vs New York Excelsior this June 10th at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST), followed by a "May Mayhem" rematch between Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel at 10:30 PM EST (7:30 PM PST).

For the other schedules for the "June Joust" tournament, you may visit the Overwatch League website, overwatchleague.com.

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