'Fortnite' Chapter 2: Season 7 Alien Artifacts Location Guide: Where to Find Them ALL

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 11, 2021 12:23 AM EDT
You can customized Kymera by buying the customizable items for the alien using the Alien Artifacts that you collected throughout the game.
(Photo: Screenshot from Tabor Hill's "Where To Find ALIEN ARTIFACTS In Season 7 (How To Customize The KYMERA Skin With Alien Artifacts)")

The aliens are among us in Fortnite's Chapter 2: Season 7 as the intergalactic invaders has left us the artifacts that we need to customize an alien visitor of our own. The latest season of the first person shooting (FPS) game also features a new battle pass and new set of skins.

Chapter 2: Season 7 introduces us to Kymera, an alien invader that can be unlocked on the Level 1 of the season's Battle Pass.

According to PCGamer.com, you can mix and match your own Kymera by customizing its facial features, skin tones, and armor colors. There are eight aspects in 3 parts of Kymera that you can change according to Sportskeeda.com - Head (Top, Bottom, Eyes), Skin (Colour and Pattern), and Armor (Color, Glow, and Emblem).

In order to do that, however, you must collect the Alien Artifacts that was scattered throughout the game. These purple canisters can be seen in different parts of the map and you need to find and collect them all during the game in order to unlock different customization options for your alien player skin.

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Where to Find the Alien Artifacts

The Alien Artifacts are scattered to different locations in the map. According to the guide made by DigitalTrends.com, first you need to go to the Believer Beach. Go up to the spire that is close to the shore. The artifact is in the steps, so you will see it once you are going halfway up.

Next, head towards to the west of Weeping Woods. There, you can investigate the damage building their until you saw a small building. Enter there and look for a stack of wood inside. The artifact is right beside the said stack of wood.

After that, go to The Aftermath, the crater which is located right at the center of the map. The artifact is floated above its waters.

Next, go to Corny Complex, then head north near the trees. The artifact can be found near to a house beside a tree.

Finally, go to Catty Corner until you see platforms on the north side of the gas station. From there, go up the platform and retrieve the last of the Alien Artifacts for now.

According to PCGamer.com, there are other locations within the map that has the other Alien Artifacts that needs to be discovered by the players themselves.

Other Ways

Aside from collecting them from different points within the map, you can also collect those Alien Artifacts that was inside Cosmic Chests. According to Digitaltrends.com, these Cosmic Chests will only appear in Duos, Trios, and Squads game modes.

Once a chest appears, you and your ally or friend can strike its weak points with your harvesting tools before you open it.

The article also gave a tip for you to locate these Cosmic Chests. You first need to land on a small island south of Catty Corner and locate a flying saucer. You can ride on it and fly around the area to locate a glowing purple orb with a chest inside.

You must need to stay closer to the ground while flying around the area since these Cosmic Chests are small and can be hard to spot.

By this method, you will have a chance to get a random number of Alien Artifacts from two up to nine. An advantage to this method is that you can do this method continuously to gather more Alien Artifacts.

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