Apple Rolls Out Podcasts Subscriptions: How to Find, Manage, Listen to Apple Podcasts

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 17, 2021 04:03 AM EDT
Apple users can now enjoy exclusive services and content through the Subscriptions service for the Podcasts feature.
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Apple had announced that they roll out the subscription option for the Apple Podcasts. This premium service will be rolled out in more than 170 countries and regions, according to, where its users can now purchase subscriptions of their favorite podcasts.

This service will serve purpose not only to those who want to hear podcasts using the service from Apple, but also to those who created their content in terms of revenue.

How Does Subscriptions Work

In a blog posted in their Newsroom, Apple said that the listeners may now discover and avail subscriptions from content creators within the service.

According to Japan Today, this is in order to support the content creators as well as enjoying new content, both paid and free, from them while unlocking benefits such as ad-free listening as well as early access from those channels or podcasts.

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As for the content creators, the premium service will also generate additional revenue while making content that "spanned many genres and formats including news, comedy, sports, and true crime," the company said.

According to The Indian Express, content creators may choose between three models, depending on what they need.

They can choose either a free model, where their listeners can access their content for free, a "freemium" hybrid one, where their listeners can still listen to their podcasts for free, but they need to pay for the additional benefits, or a paid model, where their listeners need to pay for their content.

Apple also added that the Subscriptions service will help these creators grow their businesses while continuing to make podcasting a source of information and entertainment for their listeners.

As for the pricing, Japan Today said that it may vary by country and region, while some of its features will not be available is several regions and languages.

How to Find, Manage, and Listen to Podcasts

According to, the Subscription service will be available to those that has Apple Podcasts app installed in their iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, especially those that had the recent iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, and macOS 11.4.

In order to "subscribe," or in case of the Apple Podcast, "follow" a channel or a content creator, you need to tap the "Follow" button in the Channel page. Once you see a "Subscribe" tab in a channel that you are following, tap it to avail its bonuses and privileges.

According to Apple Insider, there will be a notice of how much will you pay for the subscription or if there is a n-day free trial subscription.

You may also look for the podcasts and channels that you want to follow or subscribe via the app's recommendations via "Listen Now," as well as you can cancel a subscription by tapping the "Cancel Subscription" in the podcast or channel that you are listening to. You may also cancel your renewal for a channel's monthly subscription by cancelling it at least a day before the next renewal date.

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