Epic 2-for-1 Free Games: How to Get 'Overcooked 2' and 'Hell is Other Demons' for Free

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 17, 2021 09:53 PM EDT
In Overcooked! 2, one of the two games that will be given away by Epic Games Store for free, you will be diving in the chaotic kitchen and serve food while under a time limit.
(Photo: Screenshot from Stump's "Overcooked 2 - #1 - THE UNBREAD HAVE RISEN (4 Player Gameplay)")

It's that day once again as Epic Games Store will give away games from its library. This time, it is a two-in-one special as they will get two free games for free.

Players would get their free copy of both the cooking simulation game Overcooked! 2 as well as the bullet hell shooting game Hell is Other Demons for a limited time only.

Let's Get Cooking with Overcooked! 2

Released in 2018 and both developed and published by Team17, with the help of Ghost Town Games, Overcooked! 2 is the sequel of the 2016 game Overcooked!.

In the game, you will be running a kitchen as a chef, gather ingredients, cook, and preparing meals, as well as washing dishes. Overcooked! 2 added tossing to the mechanic, allowing you and other players to pass your pots or a fellow chef to each other from far away.

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However, you will be cooking your meals in absurd places ranging from a haunted castle to a floating restaurant high above the sky in a hot air baloon to a spooky cemetery, all while cooking your orders under a time limit.

A game more suitable for cooperative play, Overcooked! 2 adds in several features such as moving platforms, vanishing land bridges, portals, and conveyor belts to the chaos.

In their review, Rock Paper Shotgun praised the game for being fast-paced as well as being hilarious while it gives a right amount of stress. They call it "more than the sum of its parts" as the said elements were came together into a one fun co-op game.

Shoot some Enemies in Hell is Other Demons

Originally released in 2019 and developed by Cuddle Monster Games, Hell is Other Demons is an action-platformer shooter that was designed after the arcade games of the 1980s.

In the game, you control a goat-hooved denizen of Hell, who was enlisted to suppress an uprising. You need to move fast, from decision making to game reflexes, while exterminating other demons as you progress throughout the game while dominating its over-the-top bosses.

Newsweek said that players needs a flawless muscle memory, as well as the ability to do double jumps and process a lot of visual information in order to clear a level flawlessly.

Hell is Other Demons was well-praised for its Arcade Mode, which its classic gameplay was reminiscent to high-score based arcade games of the old as well as its nostalgic 8-bit graphics and its heavy synthwave background music, making the game an immensely addictive experience.

How to Get These Games for Free

Much like any free games that they are giving away from their library, both Overcooked! 2 and Hell is Other Demons are available to claim in the Epic Games Store.

To claim these games, simply go to the Epic Games Store website and look for the "Free Games" tab. Then, click the "Free Now" button below it. Once you are in dedicated pages of either of the games, click the "Get" button. You must be logged in before you grab these free games.

According to Comicbook.com, these two games will remain available in the Epic Games Store for free until June 24th, where the digital games store will release Horizon Chase Turbo and Sonic Mania for free until July 1st.

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