Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 Week 3 Challenges Guide: Where to Place the Light Communication Devices, Boomboxes in The Map

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 23, 2021 09:32 PM EDT
In one of the Legendary Challenges for Fortnite's Chapter 2: Season 7 Week 3, players must locate and place an alien light communication device in a mountaintop, like this one in Misty Meadows
(Photo: Screenshot from HarryNinetyFour's "Place Alien Light Communication Device on Mountain Tops All Locations - Fortnite")

Another week, another set of challenges for players of "Fortnite," as the Week 3 for the shooting game's "Chapter 2: Season 7" gives them another quest regarding the alien invaders.

For this week's Legendary Challenges, players will need to place an Alien Light Communication Device and a boombox in specific locations within the map of the game.

Where to Place the Light Communication Devices

This Legendary Challenge is a bit tricky because of there are many mountain tops within the Fortnite's island map. According to Sportskeeda, this is in line with the theme and the storyline of the season.

In order to start this challenge, players must go first to the snowy mountain below Misty Meadows. It is better to land on this location than to climb, which it can took more time as well as it is difficult to do so. One players see a blue outline in the said mountaintop, interact it then place the device there.

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The second location is on the same area as well, on a smaller mountain to the left of the first location. According to Fortnite Insider, players can fly down to the said location from the bus. 

Again. If players see a blue outline in the spot, they should interact with it and place the device there.

The third location is on a big snowy mountain just below Catty Corner. The said mountain is just south of the location, in front of the solar panels. Keep in my mind that players need not go to the tallest peak but to the one that is level below it. As usual, interact to the blue outline in the said spot and place the device.

The fourth one will be on the same mountain but on the different side, right below Retail Row. Players can reach this spot from landing at the third location. Once players are in the highlighted location, place the device in the said spot.

Sportskeeda said that players need to go to either location (Misty Meadows or Catty Corner) in order to satisfy the requirements of the Legendary Challenge.

Where to Place the Boomboxes

Another Legendary Challenge that players need to finish in Fortnite is to locate the locations where players can place boombox in.

According to Eurogamer, all of these locations are in Believer Beach. Players need to go to two of these three locations to fulfill the quest.

The first location is in the south-west, by the bus on the road. The location was the quietest, making it easier for players to locate the said location. Once players see a blue outline in the spot, they can place the boombox there.

The next location is on the main strip, which is west to the location's main pier. Players can spot the said location right next to several equipment that is surrounding the table. Place the boombox on that spot once they interact the blue outline there.

The third location can be found in the north-west of the beach. Look for the large alien sand glyph where Sunny is located, then go to the spot next to a parasol. Place the boombox there.

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