Valorant 'Ruination Bundle' Details Leaked: What Players Would Expect, Release Date

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 03, 2021 06:27 PM EDT
In this screenshot supplied by @ValorLeaks, KAY/O, an agent from Valorant is donning the rumored Viego-inspired skin as part of the "Ruination Bundles."
(Photo: Photo from @ValorLeaks's Twitter Page)

Players of the game titles under Riot Games, including League of Legends and Valorant, are now expecting for the "Rise of the Sentinels," the biggest intergame collaboration event made by Riot.

On July 8th, League of Legends will start their Sentinels of Light campaign in their incoming with the release of new skins for their Champions, as well as new game modes.

And then, it is Valorant's turn to pick up the said "Light versus Darkness"-themed event as a leak reveals their "Ruination Bundle" skin bundle. According to a tweet by ValorLeaks, the said character skin bundle will be in their in-game stores on the date coinciding the launch of the "Rise of the Sentinels."

Details for "Ruination Bundle"

According to DBLTap, Valorant's "Ruination Bundle" is not related to the League of Legend's "Rise of the Sentinels" storyline, where its new character, Viego, lead the Black Mist against the Champions representing the Sentinels of Light.

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However, the Character Skin Bundle will be inspired by the said character, which was vividly explained by

According to the article, the weapon skin for the bundle is somewhat ressembles Viego's sword, thanks to its blue lining.

DBLTap also give the description of the said skin bundle by detail, saying that the Character has both green and black hues, paying homage to The Ruined King. Also seen is a rumored finisher where the ghost of a slain opponent appears with a crown hovering their heads.

These details were revealed in a kickoff trailer for the first person shooting (FPS) game's Episode 3 entitled, "It Starts Now."

According to, Viego's sword might also crossover from the world of League of Legends to the world of Valorant as a weapon, though it is unknown if what shape or form it could be.

Possible Release Date

According to ValorLeaks' tweet, the "Ruination Bundle" will might be available in Valorant's in-Game store on July 8th, coinciding League of Legends' "Sentinels of Light" event, which also promised that new event-theme skins will be available.

According to, Riot Games will might release an official statement to confirm the dates as well as other details, including if all of the Valorant's characters will have the rumored Viego-themed character and weapon skins.

However, according to DBLTap, whatever the opinions of the game's community, whether the skin is a worth-it buy or not, if the rumors of Viego's sword being a part of Valorant as a weapon ,and if it would become a payable one, their wallets will be hurting once July 8th is coming.

As of this writing, the Give Back Collection, Valorant's charity-themed skins where their proceeds will go to Riot Games' Social Impact Fund, is still remains in the featured section of the game's store until the Ruination Bundle is launched.

The "Rise of the Sentinels" event, which will happen across game titles under Riot Games aside Valorant and League of Legends, including League of Legends: Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra, will last until August 10th.

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