Watch Dogs: Legion's 'Bloodline' Expansion Starter Guide: How to Play as Aiden Pearce; What's Wrench's Role; What's Inside?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 07, 2021 03:02 AM EDT
Aiden Pearce from "Watch Dogs" and Wrench from "Watch Dogs 2" returns in the "Bloodline" DLC Expansion Pack for "Watch Dogs: Legion."
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Fans of Watch Dogs and its third sequel, Watch Dogs: Legion, will dive in further towards the first two game's lore with the second game's expansion pack, "Bloodline," as the downloadable content (DLC) is now available along with Legion's Title Update 5.0.

This was after the wait for its release following the Ubisoft Forward showcase made by Ubisoft, the developers of the game, during the last Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2021.

What's Inside Bloodline, How to play

According to PSLS, the Bloodline expansion sets itself before the events of Legion and re-introduces Aiden Pearce, a gray hat the protagonist of Watch Dogs and Wrench, one of the hackers involved in Watch Dogs 2.


In the game, players will play as Aiden as he accepts a routine fixer job in London in order to reconnect with his nephew Jackson while infiltrating Broca Tech's laboratory to steal a mysterious and valuable piece of technology, but Wrench unexpectedly steals the said piece instead.

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Now Aiden needs to team up with his nephew to take on against the corporate giant, but with Wrench unpredictably joining in the fray, things will not be easy for the two.

According to, the expansion itself will bring new abilities for both Aiden and Wrench. Aiden now has Focus, which can initiate slow-mo aiming after takedown, System Crash, which it can disable electronics in the area, and Gunslinger, which a well-timed reload can buff damage.

Wrench also has a new set of skills in his disposal. With Summon Sergei, he can summon a Custom Drone in an area, while with Ninja Balls, he can launch mini LTL Flashbangs, and Lady Smash, which he can wield a big custom hammer.

Bloodline, according to Pure Xbox, will have 10 Main Missions with 19 Side Missions, all of which can be played either as Aiden or Wrench. On these missions, they will encounter a new enemy type in the form of Rempart Robots.

Both Aiden and Wrench can also be added to the DedSec crew, and they can be able to count on them in both single player and multiplayer gameplay.

Bloodline + Legion's Title Update 5.0 Release

Watch Dogs: Legion's Bloodline DLC expansion pack was released as part of a Season Pass for the third installment of the futuristic hackathon game or can be bought separately.

Along with the DLC, Legion will also receive the Title Update 5.0, which according to PSLS, adds Operative mask options as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

With the Operative Mask Toggle option, players can adjust a setting in the wardrobe that determines how an Operative wears its mask.

They can toggle the said setting to "Auto," which is the default setting where an Operative wears a mask in combat and restricted areas, "Always ON," where an Operative would always wears its mask, and "Always OFF," where an Operative would never its mask. This is set on a per operative basis.

Watch Dogs: Legion and its Bloodline DLC expansion pack is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and PC thru Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect.

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