'Fortnite' Ariana Grande Skin Concepts Leak: Release Date, Concert Details + Rumored New Content

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 18, 2021 10:54 PM EDT
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A big star might come in the realm of Fortnite very soon as a leak reveals pop superstar Ariana Grande will appear in the shooting game.

The said leak also rumored new skins are coming, as well as new appearances, content and events that might be preparations for a new season, or chapter, to the game.

Ariana Grande Takes the Fortnite Stage

The leak first stemmed out in a post in r/FortniteLeaks, when a subreddit moderator revealed several details regarding a possible big in-game event regarding Ariana Grande.

According to the said post, Grande will be coming soon in the game along with a possible in-game concert, which it has already had a test launch done by the staff at Epic Games. According to Game Rant, the said concert will might be subject to change since it is still in development

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The Reddit subpost, however, did not reveal any other details regarding the concert nor the release date of the possible Ariana Grande Fortnite character skin.

According to Comicbook, it did not disclose whether or not the said concert will be on the same level as what the game did when rapper Travis Scott headlined an in-game concert last April 2020. The said concert, according to The Verge, was surreal and larger than life thanks to its visuals.

Before this, EDM producer Marshmello also had a concert in Fortnite celebrating his appearance in the game as its new character skin that time.

As for Grande, her rumored appearance in the shooting game is not the first time the pop star appeared in a game. Last 2017, Grande appeared as a cameo character in the smartphone game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius as a playable character named DW, who bears likeness to the singer, complete with her signature bunny ears.

Fortnite is not new to superstars who became character skins after crossing to their realm. Recently, NBA superstar, LeBron James, appeared in the game as a playable skin complete with three outfit sets and in-game items themed after James.

Also appeared in Fortnite are the aforementioned Scott and Marshmello, as well as video game streamer Ninja and football star Neymar Jr.

Possible New Fortnite Content

Also in the said r/FortniteLeaks subpost is the rumored appearance of members of both Justice League and Suicide Squad in the game as new additions, possibly as character skins, though the it also said that it doesn't know what character will be added nor which of them are legally cleared.

This is not the first time the game had a visitor from DC Comics. Last April, Epic Games announced the crossover between Fortnite and Batman with the launch of "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point." In lieu with the said release, the game also launched in-game items, including the Batman Zero character skin.

Also, according to the same post, Epic Games are rumored to be trying to get the anime series Naruto for the game as part of a rumored new content for a Battlepass for a possible upcoming Season 8. This might include an explosive kunai weapon.

Other possible updates include a returning The Cube, or "Kevin the Cube" by the Fortnite community, which was first introduced in Season 5.

According to subpost, the said entity will appear at the end of Season 7, and it might be involved in the storyline of the incoming Chapter 3, according to Express.

Speaking of the possible Chapter 3, another rumor that is in the subpost regarding it is a possible redesigning of the map in preparation, along with the revealing of the location of the game's mysterious organization, The Seven.

Chapter 2 - Season 8 is also rumored to have a game mode called "The Sideways," which was described by the subpost to have spawned monsters that needs to be exterminated in the game.

Lastly, mountable and ridable monsters and mechs are rumored to appear in the game but probably not in the current season.

According to the subpost, these info from a Fortnite leaker are those that are in development and are subject to change, but they will update said post once they have more details coming from said data miners.

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