Fortnite 'Chapter 2 - Season 7' Week 6 Legendary Quests Guide: Where to Place the Prepper's Supplies, Where to Get Slone's Orders

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 15, 2021 02:39 PM EDT
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With the Week 6 of Fortnite's "Chapter 2- Season 7," players of the shooting game are now accomplishing its set of Legendary Quests, which they can snag large amounts of XP if they can clear one of them.

In the previous article, it showed how players can use the new Inflate-a-Bull consumable, as well as where they can place cow in specific places within the map. Now, this guide will tell them how to clear the remainder of the Week 6 Legendary Quests.

Where to Get Dr. Slone's Orders

In Fortnite's game lore, especially for the "Chapter 2 - Season 7," Doctor Slone is hellbent on sabotaging the alien invasion within the island. Because of this, she will do anything, even ordering the players, in order to fulfill that goal.

A Legendary Quest for the Week 6 will be focused on that as players need to locate which Payphone booth will receive said orders. According to Attack of the Fanboy, there are fifteen locations where they can go to and locate the said payphone booth.

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These locations are as follows - Pleasant Park (southwestern corner), Craggy Cliffs (the road leading south out of it, west of the satellite station), Steamy Shacks (road northwest, road leading south out of it), Steel Farm (south), Lazy Lake (road leading north out of it), and Retail Row (southeastern corner).

Players also have the option to go to these other places - Catty Corner (road leading east out of it), near the Yellow Steel Bridge (between Misty Meadow and Catty Corner), Misty Meadows (west side), the Hydro 16 dam, Slurpy Swamp (near the bridge leading north out of it), and Holly Hatchery (near the Viking ship).

Once players are in the front of the payphone booth, it will begin to ring. Players will wall to it and read dialogue to complete the quest. Completing this first Legendary Quest will make them receive 15,000 XP

Where to Place the Prepper Supplies

One of the Legendary Quests for the Week 6 requires players to place Prepper Supplies at one of specific places in Hayseed's Farm.

According to Forbes, the said farm is located directly to the east of the Corny Complex. Once they arrived in the area, they will see five highlights in different locations within the farm. Among those five, you can place the quest item in one of them.

According to, these five places are the following - At the Northern entrance to the main house, on the far eastern side of the corn crops, near a group of trees just south of the main farm complex, near the lake west of the farm that us beside the bridge, and south of the complex were the dirt roads just outside of the gas station.

Accomplishing this Legendary Quest will grant them 45,000 XP.

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