Genshin Impact 'Thunder Sojourn Acts 1 and 2' Event Guide: What are the Requirements, How to Accomplish

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 24, 2021 04:34 AM EDT
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Genshin Impact brings forth the "Thunder Sojourn" Event as their Version 2.0 Update rolls on. The said event will be involving the game's new location, the archipelago of Inazuma, and its areas within its islands.

The event is split into four acts, each will be released on specific dates. For the Act 1, it was released last July 22nd, and for its Act 2, it will be released this July 24th.

The said event, according to Screen Rant, will reward you with items including Thunder Pellets and Thunder Crystals, as well as a chance to get a free character in the form of the Electro user, Beido, and others including Primogems, Mora, Crowns of Insight, Hero Writs, and several Talent Level-Up materials.

The Requirements

In order to unlock the "Thunder Sojourn" Event, according to, you must reach the Adventure Rank 30 and above. They must also complete the "Ritou Escape Plan," which is part of the Chapter 2: Act 1, which is basically a simple quest that doesn't require you to exterminate any opponent monsters.

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Afterwards, you need to complete the "Voyage Prep" quest, where you need to reach to a destination by teleporting using the Thunder Spheres that can be activated by approaching an Electrograna that was summoned in the Thunder Sakura Bough. Once you accomplish the said task, the "Thunder Sojourn Act 1" will be unlocked for you to partake.

Act 1: Bolt Blitz

In order to begin the Act 1 for "Thunder Sojourn," according to Games Radar, you must first talk to a non-playable character (NPC) named Muzhen at Ritou, then visit the challenge area as requested, where you will do the "Bolt Blitz" challenge.

To play "Bolt Blitz," you must approach the summoned Electrograna from nearby Thunder Sakura Boroughs and activate the Thunder Sphere. Once an icon was shown at the bottom of the screen, you can launch yourself towards another Thunder Sphere until you reach the destination.

Keep in mind that this is a timed challenge, which means the faster you are, the better the rewards you get. Also, you need to use the Electrograna almost immediately after reaching a new Thunder Sphere as it will disappear after a while.

Also, to gain even more extra time, you need to collect Electro Particles that were scattered in the air or defeat the enemies that are spawning within the area.

The "Bolt Blitz" has six challenges, all of which has increasing difficulty depending on number of places that you will be teleporting using the Thunder Spheres. The challenges also needs you to do different modes of travel, ranging from the usual jumping from one Thunder Sphere to the other to gliding.

Act 2: Lightning Round

In this second Act, according to PC Invasion, you must need to go back to Ritou and talk to Muzhen. From there, she will fill you in regarding the next phase of "Thunder Sojourn." Next, go towards the marked location to begin the challenge.

As usual, you need to approach a Thunder Sakura Bough to summon an Electrograna, however from there, you need to convert it into a Thunder Dwelling by charge it, either by using Electro Attacks or staying up close while being affected by Electro attacks.

Unlike the "Bolt Blitz," "Lightning Round" involves you eliminating enemies while clearing it within a time limit. But much like the first act, you need to move to different directions to complete said act.

Each location has different kinds of enemies, ranging from Hilichurl Fighters to Treasure Hoarders to Whooperflowers.

For more information regarding both Acts 1 and 2 of "Thunder Sojourn," you need to visit these guides made by

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