[LEAKS] 'Genshin Impact' Aloy Update Guide: What are Her Rumored Skills, Materials for 'Ascension'

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 03, 2021 08:22 AM EDT
A Twitter user posted the rumor materials for both of Aloy's "Ascension" and Talent Acquisition.
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After miHoYo announced the addition of Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy to Genshin Impact, several leakers have leaked further details regarding her as the rumored Version 2.1, which she is set to debut, is slowly approaching,

The said details that were leaked include the ingredients for her Ascencion, as well as details of her additional information, including her attacks.

Players need to keep in mind that these informnation are still rumors coming from leakers and they might change as time goes by.

New Additional Information Regarding Aloy

As mentioned in earlier reports, Aloy will be entering the realm of Genshin Impact as a 5-Star Cryo user, wielding the 4-Star Predator Bow. With this kinds of facts, Aloy was expected to have bow-based attacks that will be fused with the Cryo Element.

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According to Gaming Ideology, her Fast Firing Normal Attack can make her perform up to four consecutive attacks and can deal more Cryo damage once Charged Attacks are full.

Also, it can make her perform an airborne dive attack that will fire multiple arrows above ground before landing, which can deal Area of Effect damage.

Her Elemental Skill, Frozen Wilds, can make her throw a freeze bomb that will explode on impact and deals Cryo damage to a target enemy. The freeze bomb can also split into smaller chillwater bombs that can also deal Cryo damage once it explodes on contact.

Aside from the Cryo damage, those who were affected by Frozen Wilds will have their attack damage reduced, as well as giving Aloy a Coil stack.

Once she has four Coil stacks, she will gain a passive Rushing Ice buff, which can add a bonus Cryo damage to her Normal Attacks. While this buff resolves, she would no longer receive any Coil stacks.

Her Elemental Burst, Prophecies of the Dawn, will make her eject a Cryo-filled power cell that will be detonated using an arrow from her bow. Once detonated, it will unleash a zone that deals Cryo damage to those that are in that said zone.

She also has three passive skills according to Sportskeeda - Easy Does It, which she and her party can approach the wildlife without startling them and Combat Overdrive, which can give her Coil stacks an additional 16% ATK buff for 10 seconds, while other party members will receive a 8% ATK buff also for 10 seconds.

Her third passive skill, Strong Strike, will provide Aloy a continuous Cryo damage buff once her Rushing Ice is activated. The same leaks predicted that she would get a 3.5% Cryo damage buff every second, with a 35% cap.

Ascension Materials for Aloy

Aside from the skills, the same leakers also posted details regarding items for Aloy's Ascension. According to Spiel Times, in order to Ascend Aloy, players need to collect the Crystalline Bloom, which can be obtained by defeating the Cryo Hypostasis. They need 46 Crystalline Blooms to process said Ascension.

They will also collect Crystal Marrows, which can be seen in Tatarasuna and Yashiori Islands, both of which are in the newly introduced Inazuma archipelago region. Players need to collect 168 Crystal Mallows as materials for Ascension.

Finally, players need to collect Spectral Husks, Spectral Hearts, and Spectral Nuclei, all of which can be obtainable by eliminating Specters, the rumored new monsters in Genshin Impact. They need to have 36 Husks, 18 Hearts, and 30 Nuclei.

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