Tinder Might Add Audio, Video Chat Support, Livestream Features: How Do These Work?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 07, 2021 06:39 AM EDT
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Online dating smartphone app Tinder might receive brand new features to maximize their user's capabilities in terms of communicating within the said app.

It is right after Match Group, the dating app's parent company, announced that they will be rolling out new features for Video chatting and livestreaming to the apps that they owned, including the aforementioned Tinder and Hinge, within the next two years.

A Company Move

The said announcement was made during the company's 2nd Quarterly Earnings Call. According to Hypebeast, Match Group considered adding the aforementioned services after they stated that they have acquired Hyperconnect, a South Korean social media platform company, for $1.73 billion.

Along with the said acquisition is the tech assets from Hyperconnect that they hope they will use to power their dating apps' new social features. The services that Hyperconnect used to offer, and might be integrated in Match Group's dating apps, are Azar and Hakuna Live.

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Azar is a social media app that uses video chatting and a voice and text translating feature in order to connect their users, while Hakuna Live is an audio and video live streaming app that seen significant adoption in South Korea and Japan.

According to Republic World, the said features that came from the acquisition will might be developed in the next few months and will launched to their different online dating platforms, including Tinder, over the next 12 to 24 months.

Moreover, according to Techzimo, their introduction towards Tinder and other dating apps will might create a ripple effect across other dating apps that are not under the Match Group's umbrella.

A Better Dating Experience

The plan behind the said integration of features from Match Group's acquisition of Hyperconnect to Tinder is to provide better options for its users to communicate despite of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

According to Techzimo, Match Group decided to acquire the required adaptations and pivots for the online dating experience within Tinder due to social distancing as singles have engaged more with their products, while starting a relationship has quickly evolved in this time and age.

They also understood that singles are also adjusting their behaviors while engaging in online dating, and many of them are shifting to having their dates through virtual means via phone or video calls.

Currently, users are still fully rely on text messaging, from SMS to apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram, although the latter also adapted video chatting services.

However, with the integration of Hyperconnect's services, especially in video chatting, Tinder might change the way their users interact with other within the app.

According to Hypebeast, several technology elements such as Alternative Reality (AR) features, self-expression tool, and conversational AI will might transform the online meeting and getting-to-know-each-other process within Tinder.

Match Group believes that the said technologies will eventually allow the users to build experiences that will help them determine if they have so much elusive chemistry or not. Also, users will be able to verify their matches if they are real or they are just catfishing.

Previously, Tinder was spotted testing Tinder Mixer, a video chat service for the online dating app.

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