Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Story Missions Guide: How to Complete the Emden Jager, RM’s Yellow Kagura SX, Other Story Orders

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 16, 2021 01:08 AM EDT
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A successor to its 2019 version, the Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 was recently released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The said real-life simulator picks up what its 2019 successor left behind two years ago.

In the game, players will make their hands dirty in refurbishing and repairing over 72 cars using its wide array of more than 4,000 car parts. All of these in order to make a profit by selling them on car shops and auction houses.

Aside from growing their very own car garage empire, players will also engage in Story Missions as they progress forward in the game. These Story Missions can give them either money, XP, or both.

Completing the Emden Jager Story Mission

A complicated Story Mission within Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, the Emden Jager Story Mission requires players to be precise in the power needed in the car until it went to its desired limit, otherwise they will not complete the said mission.

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In order to do this, said that players need to increase the tuning of the said car by 10% to 15%. In order to do this, players must first go to the car's info under the pie menu, then to the engine tab, and read the Tuning percentage that they require.

They need to keep in mind that the said tuning percentage should no more or less than what it required. If the said percentage is more than what they require, they need to remove certain performance parts. Otherwise, if it is less, they need to add more.

They need to pay attention to the general mods with a total value of +10 to +15 and not the horsepower of their car. The percentage increase in its performance is marked at the top corner of each tuning part and will become a case in terms of combining them when adding car parts.

Completing RM's Yellow Kagura SX Story Mission

Another Story Mission that players need to accomplish is the one regarding RM's Hinata Kagura SX. According to, the internet star of car racing is asking for the mechanic's help in restoring his rusty yellow car.

In order to do this, must have the following parts needed to restore the said car: an I4 N air filter, an alternator, a car battery, a fuel filter, a fuel pump, four ignition coils, a Type B medium fuse, an I4 oil filter, two Type A relays, a Type B relay, four spark plugs, and V6 B throttle.

Once they got the necessary parts, players can strip down the rusty Hinata Kagura SX, and proceed to its refurbishing and restoration.

Other Story Orders

For other Story Missions, provided the list of the parts, and several tasks, needed to repair the cars in their respective Story Missions.

For the Luxor Baronne, players needed the following: two brake pads, a fuel pump, a V8 oil filter, a 2 carb round air filter, and four 215/75R15 ET:0 standard tires, as well as it needs to change its oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and its windscreen fluid.

For the Griffin Tyro, it needs a belt tensioner, two brake pads, a I4 SOHC cam gear, a I4 B camshaft, an idler roller A, an ignition coil, an I4 oil filter, four rubber bushings, an I4 B serpentine belt A, and two spark plugs, as well its oil, brake fluid, coolant fluid, and power steering fluid are needed to be changed and refill its windscreen fluid.

For the Vallsen 2040, it needs an alternator, a belt tensioner, an I4 SOHC cam gear, a clutch plate, a clutch release bearing, a fuel filter, a fuel pump, an idler roller A, an I4 SOHC ignition wires, an I4 oil filter, a radiator C, a Type A and a Type B relay, an I4 SOHC serpentine belt, a serpentine belt A, four spark plugs, a starter, an I4 SOHC timing belt, an I4, and water pump.

It also needs to get its oil, brake fluid, coolant fluid, and power steering fluid changed, as well as refilling its windscreen fluid.

For the Hinata Moon MK1 SUN RISE, it needs an I4 B cam gear A, an I4 B camshaft, a clutchplate, three crankshaft bearing caps, a flywheel, a front drive shaft, a front sway bar, two ignition coil, two piston with conrod, a rear sway bar A, three rod caps, ten rubber bushings, two spark plugs, a I4 B timing chain, two wheel hub bearings, and an oil change.

Finally, for the Bolt Hornet, it needs four brake pads, a V8 camshaft, a front wheel hub, a fuel rail DI, three ignition coils, three leaf spring U-bolts, six rubber bushings, a solid rear drive axel, a solid-axle control arm, seven spark plugs, two V8 timing belts, a wheel hub 3, and a front bumper, as well as its oil changed and windscreen fluid refilled.

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