'Destiny 2' Season 15 Weapons, Armor Changes Guide: Primary Ammunitions Get Infinite + Other Tweaks

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 19, 2021 11:13 PM EDT
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Bungie will bring in more changes in Destiny 2 as its Season 15 is slowly approaching. This time, in their last This Week at Bungie post in preparation for the coming of the said season, the developers of the first-person shooting game uncovered several tweaks regarding several of its weapons.

The said changes, according to the blog post, will include the implementation of infinite ammunition to primary weapons, as well as other changes to not just Destiny 2's other weapons, but to weapon perks as well.

Infinite Ammo

In the patch notes for the incoming Season 15, which was posted in Gamespot, the Fighting Lion grenade launcher, as well as other primary weapons, will have its reserve ammunition capacity changed from "a lot" to infinite, which means players can fire infinite rounds using said weapons.

This will also mean that players will not require to pick up any primary ammunition that is scattered across a Destiny 2 map. According to PCGamesN, Chris Proctor, Bungie's staff designer, stated that the reason for this change is because running out of primary ammunitions has "never been tactically interesting."

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Basically, Bungie wants to remove the said process of picking up said ammo because it is not beneficial in situations in Player-versus-Everything (PvE) and Player-versus-Player (PvP) matches.

Because of these changes, several adjustments might also be implemented including one for Inertia Override, which requires for players to pick up ammo while sliding in order to increase the weapon's damage while reloading an equipped weapon.

The said tweaks will also change Drop Mag's downside from reducing a weapon's reserve ammo into increasing its reload speed and decreasing magazine size, as well as the upside for Compact Arrow Shaft, from increasing a weapon's reserve ammo to reducing its reload speed but improving its handling.

Several Weapon Changes

Other weapon changes that Bungie will be implanting once Season 15 rolls out in Destiny 2, according to PC Gamer, including nerfing down the Anarchy grenade launcher, in which its total ammunition will be reduced from 26 to 16, as well as reducing its damage against bosses to 30%

The Xenophage machine gun will be also nerfed down, reducing its rate of fire from 120 RPM to 90 RPM, as well as receiving a reduced machine gun damage buff in PvE.

The Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle will get a 40% damage buff during PvE, while its range will be increased to make it "near-best in class for high impact auto rifles."

The said rifle will also receive buffs to its rate of fire, from 360 to 390, as well as its stability and damage after a kill, while its charge time for its Reduced Linear Fusion Rifle mode will be decreased from 820 to 522, while it will no longer lose any overcharge stacks on stow except when in the said mode.

Other weapons that will receive its tweaks for Season 15 include the Merciless, Jotunn, and Bastion fusion rifles, as well as the Sweet Business auto rifle.

Aside from the weapons, the Firing Line will also receive changes, including an additional 20% reduced precision damage for all supported weapon archetypes for Firing Line.

The Kill Clip, Rampage, and Adrenaline Junkie perks will have an increased detonation damage as certain damage perks will only affect impact damage on explosive weapons.

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