'Pokemon Unite' Leaks Blastoise, Greedent Debut: Movesets + Other Pokemon Expected to Come

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 23, 2021 02:37 AM EDT
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A leak that was spreading across social media pointing out a possible debut of several Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, along with their respective movesets. The said rumored debut will provide addition to the game's roster, which has 22 Pokemon as of its initial launch last July for the Nintendo Switch.

According to The Game Haus, the said leaker posted on Twitter details regarding the rumored Pokemon that will be added in Unite, which included the moveset of another Generation I starter Pokemon.

Players do take note that these leaks and rumors are subject to change, hence they need to treat them with a pinch of salt while waiting for an official announcement.

Rumored Pokemon to be Added

The said tweet reveals the possible moveset for Blastoise as it awaits a date of its release in the game.

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Blastoise will be completing the Kanto Three in Unite one he will be added in the game's roster. Its fellow Generation I starters, Venusaur and Charizard, were first included as part of the roster during the game's launch.

In the said tweet, Blastoise's moveset include Water Gun, a Level 1 move that can be used as Squirtle, as well as Hydro Pump, a Level 3 move. Once it evolved into a Wartortle in Level 5, players may choose either Water Spout or Skull Bash, then either Surf or Rapid Spin if it evolves into Blastoise in Level 7.

The said leaks also noted that Blastoise will be a Ranged-type Pokemon with an "Intermediate" difficulty.

Blastoise was initially announced to be revealed alongside Gardevoir last June, however the latter was released first, while the developers of the game did not announced anything regarding the eventual release of the former.

Along with Blastoise's moveset, the leaks pointed out the inclusion of Greedent, a Squirrel Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield, to Unite.

According to the leaks, the said Pokemon will have Thief and Round as its attacks for Level 1 and 3 repsectfully, and a choice between Wish or Gyro Ball in Level 5, and Stuff Cheeks or Belly Drum in Level 7.

Other Pokemon Joining

Aside from the aforementioned two, another Pokemon was rumored to be included in Pokemon Unite after being leaked on social media, but then revealed to be true after the Pokemon Presents presentation made by The Pokemon Company last August 18th.

According to Win.gg, Sylveon was planned to be included in the roster alongside Mamoswine in the near future. The revealing of the former might signify that other Eevee-lutions might be coming in the Pokemon-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the future.

In the leaks that was posted right before the said Pokemon Presents presentation, Sylveon will have Swift and Psyshock for its Levels 1 and 3 respectively, and a choice between Hyper Voice or Attract for Level 5, and Draining Kiss or Fairy Wind for Level 7.

The said reveal also comes with the news that Blissey will be coming to Unite during the game's patch update, which also includes several tweaks to Pokemon present in the game, particularly Snorlax and Slowbro.

Much like the mentioned Pokemon, Blissey was first revealed through the same leaker in its Tweet, which later became officially true. In the game, Blissey will take a role of Supporter, and will heal and give basic attack speed boosts, as well as protection thanks to its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance.

Pokemon Unite is set to be released on Android and iOS smartphones this coming September 22nd. Players who pre-registered already will have special rewards once the game is officially launched on mobile, including a new skin for Pikachu.

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