CoD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass 2021 Guide: New Rewards, How to Obtain + More Details

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 25, 2021 04:44 AM EDT
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Call of Duty: Mobile will kick off its incoming Season 7 with the coming of a new Battle Pass filled with rewards for players who wanted to complete its progression tiers.

The said Battle Pass for the incoming season of the first-person shooting game, which was dubbed "Elite of the Elite," will have new Operators, Operator skills, weapons, weapon blueprints, and other cosmetics that are up for grabs. Along with the Battle Pass, Season 7 will bring new additions to the game.

An "Elite" Battle Pass

Like the usual Battle Passes in Call of Duty: Mobile, Season 7's Battle Pass will be split into two, the Free Battle Pass, which can be accessible once players are logged in the game, and the Premium Battle Pass, which can be obtained by buying it in the in-game store for 220 CP.

According to blog post made by the developers in the game's web page, players who cleared the Tiers 14 and 21 in the Free Battle Pass will receive the new Kinetic Armor Operator skill and the Hades light machine gun weapon respectively.

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The Kinetic Armor Operator skill, according to Dot Esports, once activated, will protect an Operator from bullets while giving them an additional 150 Health bonus boost, while the Hades is a light machine gun that has high mobility.

The Free Battle Pass will also have two new Weapon blueprints, the Razorback "Blue Scratch" bullpup submachine gun and the AS VAL "Wolves" assault rifle, that are up for grabs, as well as other cosmetics.

As for the Premium Battle Pass, players who will complete specific Tiers in the said pass will receive a new Demir Operator, as well as the Sarge Griggs, Huntress Charly, and Balkan Special ATU Mil-Sim Operator skins.

Weapons Blueprints for the Hades "Shoulder Cannon" light machine gun, QXR "Prototype Omega" submachine gun, Rytec AMR "Revati" semi-automatic sniper rifle, and M4 "Outcast Vengeance" carbine are also up for grabs in the Premiere Battle Pass.

What to Expect in Season 7

Aside from the new Battle Passes, Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 7 will bring new content in the game, which includes two new multiplayer maps.

The said maps, according to Gadgets Now, are Monastery, which players can traverse its twisting walkways and clustered buildings, and Scrapyard 2019, which is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare iteration of a classic map.

A new in-game event called Cyber Attack will also be launched, in which players have their own personal soldiers that can be sent to missions in order to win exclusive rewards.

Finally, the reggaeton musician Ozuna will be joining in Call of Duty: Mobile as his song "A la Buena, el Mejor" will be played in the in-game lobby and in the Battle Royale vehicles this season.

Players can also be the award-winning artist while playing as his iconic bear outfit is available as an Operator skin for Merc 5 in the Ozuna crate, along with the Osito En Vino Calling Card and the Caramelo camo series.

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