'Psychonauts 2' Figments Collectibles Guide: Where to Locate Them in Bob's Bottles, Cassie's Collection

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In Psychonauts 2, players will control Razputin "Raz" Aquato as he, and his fellow Psychonauts, will venture deep inside the human psyche in combatting the physical embodiments of doubt, regrets, and bad ideas, using psychic abilities like pyrokinesis or telekinesis.

All of these while collecting clues and secrets in order to clear the said stage. These collectibles, which are called Figments, are physical manifestations of an aspect in a person's personality in a form of two-dimensional illustrations that will appear inside of its psyche.

Much like the first Psychonauts game, collecting 100 Figments will increase Raz's PSI Cadet Rank.

Where to Locate Figments in Cassie's Collection

Several of the Figments that will be collected in Cassie's Collection can be seen in the library area. According to IGN, this part of the area is straightforward, however most of the Figments are in the top of the room.

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There are also Figments inside every 2D platformer within the books, which are brown in color and sticks out from the background, Players need to explore more in order to find the path to reach them.

In the first area, which is in the Librarian's Desk, they need to go on the top of a walkway that is surrounding the globe light. Players need to use the Pouncy Ball upgrade for Raz's Levitation ability to get on top of the stack of books, then they will platform across an open drawer.

After that, they will use the Time Bubble to traverse towards the next drawer, then use Pouncy Ball again to get on it, then jump to the walkway. From there, they will send their Projection Archetype down to pull a lever on the ground.

This lever will temporarily raise the globe closer to the ceiling, granting them the access to all of the Figments. They will also need to go up and down on it few times to get all of them that are on the path upwards to the top of the room.

Next, they will go to the Children's Corner and jump inside the first book that they see. They will go to the second page, then wall jump up between the columns of print, then jump back to the previous page.

They will land on a printed bee, and from there, they will jump up to the Consilium Apum title then grab the bee Figment.

Then, in the same area, they will go near the interactable book, then reach the green bee Figment by platforming onto the stack of books, then jumping across and climbing the doily to access it.

Then, on the platform right before the same interactable book, they need to loop to the two level of the climbable doily, where they will scale those two in order to reach another Figment.

Where to Locate Figments in Bob's Bottles

In Bob's Bottles, according to SegmentNext, players must look first behind the door of a refrigerator in Tia's Kitchen area. From there, they go to the backside in order to get the pink Figment before going through it into the garden.

Then, in the Bog of the Betrothed, players need to get to the back of the neck of the bottle and get the pink unicorn Figment.

Then, in the Viking Reception, players must explore the place until they are in the stage, where they will look for the purple balloon Figment and collect it by upgrading the Mental Connection power with the Dark Thought upgrade.

Players need to go to the Sunken Ship next, where they need to wait for the pink fish Figment at the bow of the ship using the Mental Connection ability. The same ability will also help them in reaching the treasure chest Figment, which is located at the driftwood below.

Then, in the Motherlobe Atrium, players must collect the Figments behind the waterfall, which is on the left of the entrance.

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