'Genshin Impact' Aloy Guide: Best Alternative Weapons for Her to Use

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 31, 2021 02:38 AM EDT
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After days of waiting, it is now time for Aloy to leave GAIA and Zero Dawn for a while and venture into the realm of Teyvat as the Horizon: Zero Dawn protagonist will finally be part of the Genshin Impact roster.

The said crossover of the Nova Huntress is the fruit of a collaboration project between miHoYo, the developers of the role-playing game, and Guerilla Games, the developers of the Horizon series, for PlayStation players.

Aloy is part of the new heroes that came to Genshin Impact following its Version 2.1 Update roll-out, which also included other new heroes such as the Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, and Sangonomiya Kokomi.

A Short Backgrounder

To recap of what she can give to the game, Aloy is a 5-Star bow user whose attacks are mostly focused on the Cryo element. According to Android Central, her Elemental Burst, Prophecies of Dawn, can deal area of effect (AoE) Cryo damage after throwing a Cryo Power Cell and hitting it with one of her arrows.

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Her Elemental Skill, Frozen Winds, will make her throw a Freeze Bomb to enemies, dealing Cryo damage while scattered Chillwater Bomblets during the said bomb's detonation can also do the same, as well as a giving them a debuff, while Aloy and her allies are given a boost.

If a Free Bomb or any of the Chillwater Bomblets hits an enemy, they will be debuffed while Aloy will gain a Coil Stack, which can give Aloy a damage boost. Gaining four Coil Stacks will give her Rushing Ice, which can convert her Normal Attack damage to Cryo damage.

Her Talent, Combat Override, can also make her allies benefit from the increased damage bonus from the Coil Stacks. And finally, her passive talent, Strong Strike, will constantly increases her gained Cryo damage bonus.

Best Weapons for Aloy

Along with Aloy is the release of her signature bow, the Predator Bow, which might look like a replica of the bow of the same name that she usually uses in Horizon: Zero Dawn. However, in order to obtain this weapon, players must be a PlayStation Network member.

But according to Respawn First, there are other alternative bow weapons for them to equip to Aloy. The Thundering Pulse, a bow weapon that was introduced in the game's Version 2.0, has a base ATK of 608 and a 66.2% Critical DMG percentage once it hits Level 90.

It also has a passive that can increase ATK by 20% and grants the Thunder Emblem that has three stack levels that can increase the character's Normal Attack DMG by up to 40%. These stacks can be attainable through normal attacks or casting Elemental skills.

The Alley Hunter is perfect if they want to focus on dealing damage per second (DPS). Aside from its 565 Base ATK stat and a ATK boost of 27.6 % when it hits Level 90, it also has a passive that can increase their DMG by 2% every second up to a max of 20% if the character equipping the weapon is in the party but not on the battlefield.

Hamayumi can also be recommended for Aloy as an alternative for the Predator Bow. With its Base ATK of 454 and an ATK boost percentage of 55.1% when it hits Level 90, the said bow can increase a character's Normal Attack DMG by 16% and its Charged Attack DMG by 12%.

When the Energy of the character who has the weapon equipped in it reaches 100%, the aforementioned effect is increased by 100%.

If they want to focus on providing support, The Stringless can be an essential bow weapon for that build. Aside from its 510 Base ATK once it reaches Level 90, it can also increase a character's Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by up to 48%.

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