Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Achievements List: How to Accomplish Them

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 31, 2021 03:52 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players have the opportunity to repair, refurbish, and restore one of the 72 cars that they can attain either through their visits at the Barn or buying through junk shops, car auctions, and car salons.

They can make or repair engines, electronics, and other internal parts, as well as the car's internal and external parts, including its body kit. All while using more than 4,000 car parts readily available to them.

While doing any specific tasks, whether restoring or obtaining cars, earning parts, or visiting the aforementioned places in the game, players would gain money or experience, as well as achievements, which can be obtained by doing said tasks.

How to Obtain those Achievements

The achievements that players can earn in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 are split into how they can be achieved.

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According to the organized list provided by, the said achievements were separated into the following - Levels, Visits, Repairs, Painting, Balancing, Diagnostics, Car Selling, including selling of several repaired cars, Purchasing Parts, Blue Fragment Points, Buying Cars, Orders and Missions, and Others.

Once players earned one of the said achievements, they will earn a reward. If they are playing the game using Xbox, either through Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, they will get Gamerscore Points, or GP.

Under Levels, players can earn the "I Think I Can Fix It," "I Saw Many Things," and "The Mechanic" achievements once they reach Levels 5, 20, and 50 respectively.

Under Visits, players can earn the "First Time at Countryside" when they enter the Barn for the first timer, and "Explorer" when they visit it 30 times. They can also achieve the "Welcome to the World of Junk" after visiting the Junkyard, and "Brand New" if they visit the Car Salon.

Under Repairs, according to, they can obtain the "Smash! Bash!" achievement by fixing 50 body parts as well as the "Sculptor" achievement by fixing 150 body parts.

They can also the "Handyman" achievement by fixing 50 car parts, and the "Regenerator" achievement after fixing 150 car parts.

Under Painting, players can obtain the "Amateur Painter" achievement after paining 5 cars and the "Artist" achievement after painting 60 cars.

Under Balancing, they can obtain the "Vulcanizer" achievement by balancing or calibrating 5 wheels and the "Professional Vulcanizer" achievement by balancing or calibrating 50 wheels.

Under Diagnostics, they can obtain the "Path Full of Stops" achievement when they finish doing diagnostics in a car for the first time, while doing car diagnostics 25 times may give them the "Great Habit" achievement.

In terms of purchasing and attaining cars in the game, they can earn the "Piece of Junk" achievement by buying a car from the Junkyard, the "Scavenger" achievement if they bought 30 cars from the Junkyard, the "Blind Shot" achievement if they bought 5 cars from auctions, and the "Gambler" achievement if they bought 25 cars from auctions.

In purchasing car parts, if they purchase 100 new car parts from the main shop, they will receive the "New and Shiny" achievement, while purchasing 3,000 new car parts from the main shop will give them the "Reasonable and Responsible" achievement.

Finally, if they earn a total of 5,000 CR on selling their cars, they will earn the "Little Steps" achievement, while earning a total of 50,000 CR on selling their cars will give them the "Great Roll" achievement.

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