'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' How to Level-Up Fast Guide: Simple Way to Earn More XP, Explore Glitch

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 27, 2021 12:35 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players will have the opportunity to restore one of the 72 cars using more than 4,000 car parts. They can either sell the said restored car or add it in their own collection. For the former, they can sell it either through a car saloon or a car auction.

They can also attain the blue Upgrade Points that they can use to upgrade car parts that can optimize a car's performance and increase its Tuning percentage.

Aside from cash and Upgrade Points, players can also obtain experience points, or XP, which can be used in the player's progression within the game, as well as unlocking the cars that they can access.

How to Obtain XP fast

The simplest way to obtain XP in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, according to DigiStatement, is through restoring the cars in the game. Even installing the parts needed can award them XP.

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They can also obtain XP through crates that they attained either through their visit the barn or through Contracts that they obtained during Story Missions. These crates can also give them Upgrade Points and cash.

However, there are other ways in gaining said experience points, depending on what console players are playing the game in.

For those who are playing the simulator in their PlayStation 5, in order to earn XP faster in the game, they must first purchase or select the following tools in their toolbox - Compression Tester (300 CR), Tire Tread Gauge (150 CR), On-Board Diagnostic (1,500 CR), and Fuel Pressure Meter (300 CR).

Once they have the tools needed, they will press the Triangle button in their controller, then select the Examination Mode tab. From there, they will hold the X button to begin examining the car parts. Each part examined will give them 1 XP.

Once done examining, they will go back to the Normal Mode by pressing the Triangle button again. Afterwards, they will open the hood of a car, then select the engine. Once selected, they will press the Triangle button again, then select the Additional Tools tab.

From there, they will use the tools that they have purchased to test the car's engine. Doing this method will help them farm up some additional XP.

In-Game Glitch

Another method that players need to use in farming XP in the game, according to MagicGameWorld.com, is through exploiting an in-game glitch. To do this, players must access the Examination Mode, then examine the entire car for each job.

Afterwards, they will take the battery out of a car 50 to 90 times. This action will earn them 50 to 90 XP. Another glitch that they can exploit is what they are playing the game in Expert Mode, they can use all of their diagnostic tools on a car after purchasing them. This action will earn them three times more XP.

However, in order to make this glitch work, they must have the unpatched version. If they want to exploit it, they must either not install new patches or manually remove the new patches installed in the game.

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