'Red Dead Online' Weekly Update Guide: Double Money Bonus, Discounts, Free Ammo, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 01, 2021 05:25 AM EDT
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Another week, another new Weekly Update for Red Dead Online, and the Outlaws will be pleased to the said update as it will give them bonus cash and experience points, as well as discounts for them to use and enjoy.

For this Weekly Update, the outlaws will enjoy double of money earned for several crimes, as well as bonus free ammo for several guns in the game. This week is also the last one for them to unlock the ranks of their Quick Draw Club membership.

Crime Does Pay

As mentioned earlier, the newest Weekly Update for Red Dead Online will give a double RDO$ bonus for Outlaws who can accomplish several Blood Money crimes in the game.

According to Player.One, Outlaws who will accomplish "A Lit Fuse," "Back Pay," "Stagecoach Stickup," and "Wrongful Property" will receive said bonus, as well as 50% off discount on select Boots. In order to get these Crimes, they must need to look for Anthony Foreman, James Langton, Joe, or Sean Macquire.

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Aside from the double money boost, Outlaws who are doing both Crimes and Opportunities during the Weekly Update will earn twice the experience points (XP) earned from their Ability Card, as well as setup fees for the Persistent Posse will be waived.

The said Weekly Update, according to DBLTap, will also give away 100 units of Ammo for Express Repeaters, Rifles, and Revolvers to Outlaws who are logging in during the said update. Those who are in Rank 100 or above will get a bonus Treasure Map gift.

Players who are also subscribers of Amazon Prime's Gaming service will also receive a free Vitalism Study Pamphlet, as well as a 50% discount to any Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item that they wanted until September 28th.

According to Xbox Achievements, those who are members of The Quick Draw Club No. 2 will also have the chance to grab the rewards of all of its 25 Ranks, including the Rowberrow Outfit, as the said membership will expire on September 6th to make way for The Quick Draw Club No. 3 membership, which will be open for access on September 7th.

Discounts Galore

A Red Dead Online Weekly Update would not be complete without the discount coupons from Wheeler, Rawson and Co. This week, according to Toys Matrix, the said coupons will give 30% discount off the prices of work horses, as well as 50% discount to the prices of saddles and 40% discount off the prices of tents.

Outlaws may also avail the 30% discount offer for the prices of Gloves, Chaps, and Half Chaps, as well as 30% off the prices of single bandoliers.

Finally, they can avail 50% discount off the prices of beards and accessories at the Barber.

All of the perks, bonuses and discounts coming from Red Dead Online's Weekly update will last until September 6th.

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