Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Car Parts Guide: How to Find Not Discovered Parts Fast [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 04, 2021 02:25 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players were given an opportunity to restore one of the 72 cars that are present in the game using 4,000 car parts. These cars can either be attained by either buying through an auction or in the Junkyard, or by just attaining it after traversing inside the Barn.

These cars are also those that the "customers" usually give to the players during the game's Mission Orders. These tasks, according to Prodigy Gamers, will allow them to repair or restore said cars by working and inspecting the various parts that are in need of attention.

However, there are instances that players will encounter technical difficulties while examining the said car that is need of repairing. Among these technical difficulties is known as "Part/s Not Discovered." These parts are those that are completely broken, and need to be replaced.

How to Find "Not Discovered" Parts

To know the said "Part/s Not Discovered," players must first check the Mission Order, by clicking the phone-like icon in the menu. From there, they will see the concerned parts of the car in the right, below the "Parts to Fix" title.

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The parts that have a red circle with an X are the parts present in the car that needs to be repaired, restored, or if it is not fully functioning, scrapped and replaced with a new one.

Upon scrolling, they will discover the words "part not discovered" at the last portion of the list. These are the fact that players need to know in order to initiate the repairs.

In order to looks for these "missing" parts, according to a YouTube video made by KpShamino, they will open the hood of the car, and examine the engine.

From there, they will click the Additional Tools, then click the OBD Scanner (for the overall diagnostics), the Compression Tester (for the mechanics), the Electronic Multimeter (for the electronics), the Tire Thread Tester (for the wheels/tires), the Fuel Pressure Test (for the fuel-related parts like the fuel filter).

These parts will help them trace which parts is "missing" or "not discovered" by displaying the status of every internal part of the car.

After the diagnostics, the data regarding the status every part will be displayed. If the percentage is green, it means that the part is functioning well and it does not need repairing. If it is in yellow, it means that it needs minor repairs. If it is in red, that means that it needs to be replaced. This are the "Part/s not discovered" in question.

If the "parts not discover" phrase is still there, they will now check the car parts manually by switching to the Examination Mode. From there, one by one, they will left-click a car part. In the video's case, he first looked at the suspension.

Once they clicked a part, they will notice something in an area of that part went red, indicating that there is something broken there. Once they are done examining the car, they will go back to the Mission Order again and check if the part is recognized. Once it is identified, they will not proceed in repairing the said car.

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