'Dead by Daylight' Hellraiser Update Guide: New Pinhead Killer, Release Date + What Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 06, 2021 11:00 PM EDT
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It is time to raise hell to the Survivors of Dead by Daylight as the multiplayer online survivor game will receive its "Hellraiser" update, bringing in a character from a horror cult classic as its new Killer, including abilities and perks that will give its victims a hard time to survive against it.

Along with the new Killer, the said update will also bring in changes that will suit its coming, including tweaks to its performance in the game.

Here Comes Pinhead

The main focus for the Hellraiser update will be the inclusion of the Cenobite, or popularly known as Pinhead, from the 1987 horror flick, Hellraiser, which according to Attack of the Fanboy, became a popular request by the fans to be included in the game as its Killer.

Pinhead will now join with the other characters from different horror media that became Killers in Dead by Daylight such as Ghost Face from Scream and Nemesis from the Resident Evil series.

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The hedonistic demon will bring in the pain for those who are brave enough to face him thanks to his extra-dimensional powers and perks.

His Summons of Pain power, according to HITC, can make Pinhead summon a gateway to call forth a possessed Chain that the player acting as the Killer can control.

These Chains can bind a Survivor, which make it unable to sprint and cannot leave the Exit Gate, while being inflicted with the Incapacitated status effect. If the same Survivor was being bound by the second and third Chains, their movement speed will drop further.

The only way to escape the Chains is for the Survivors to use the Break Free action. If Pinhead or any solid object, including fellow Survivors, would pass through these Chains, or between the Gateway and the bounded Survivor, they will break immediately.

The Lament Configuration puzzle box, if left alone, can initiate a Chain Hunt by summoning the Chains to pursue the Survivors. The Chain Hunt will end when a Survivor picks-up the cube, which can be seen through the Aura it emits, whether if it is white, if idle, or yellow, if it is initiating the Chain Hunt.

The said Survivor who has the Lament Configuration will suffer from the Oblivious status effect and will be attacked by the Chains that will be coming from the cube. 

The only way for the Survivors to remove the cube from their possession is to solve it, but they need to be hasty as Pinhead will see their location, and will teleport to that said location.

When the player posing as Pinhead picks up the cube, the Chain Hunt will be activated again, and will instantly bound any Survivors, causing them to scream and reveal their locations.

Once the Lament Configuration is used by either the Killer or the Survivor, it will be spawned in a new location.

Aside from these two abilities, Pinhead also brought in perks that will bring a hard time for the Survivors to escape. The Deadlock perk will block a generator that has the most progress for up to 30 seconds once another generator is repaired. A white aura will start to emit on the said generator during the time of the perk's activation.

The Hex - Plaything perk will activate on any random Totem each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time. The said perk can be activated if there is at least one Dull Totem remaining in the Trial Grounds.

Once activated, the Survivors will suffer from the Cursed and Oblivious status effects until the hexed totem is cleansed. For the first 90 seconds, however, only the Cursed Survivor can cleanse the hexed Totem, which is revealed by its Aura within 24, 20, and 16 meters.

Finally, the Scourge Hook - Gift of Pain perk will change any 4 random hooks into scourge hooks at the start of the trial, which can emit a white aura.

When a Survivor is unhooked from any one of these scourge hooks, it will suffer from both the Hemorrhage and Mangled status effects until it will be fully healed. Upon being healed, it will suffer an up to 9% penalty to healing and repairing actions until it is injured again.

Release Date, Changes from the Update

Pinhead, along with the Hellraiser update, according to Dual Shockers, will be rolled out this September 7th at 9:00 PT (12:00 PM ET/5:00 PM BST). Players and fans of the horror survival game can set a reminder for its release in the game's website.

Along with the update, several changes will be implemented. One of which is skill-based matchmaking, which according to Gamepur, will bring in players with the same skill level in a match instead of matching them based on their internet connection, location, and hardware.

The said update will also bring in the new Grades system, which will reset on the 13th day of every month. Players can rank up to earn up to 250,000 Bloodpoints each month after they play a match either as a Survivor or a Killer.

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