Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 ‘Hybrid 20K Challenge’ Guide: How to Accomplish this Challenge [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 09, 2021 12:31 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator, players have the opportunity to repair and restore one of the 72 cars that was pre-installed in the game, and 8 cars from two of its downloadable content (DLC) packs, using more than 4,000 car parts on hand.

In order to obtain the things needed for a car restoration, including the car that will be restored, players need to have their Credits ready to be spent for said items. But what if they have a limited number of Credits? A YouTuber wants to challenge himself, and everyone, in doing so using only 20,000 Credits in his possession.

What is the "Hybrid 20K Challenge"

In his YouTube video, Hybridsteel lays down a unique challenge for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 players, as well as content creators who are doing livestreams while playing the game -- the Hybrid 20K Challenge.

In the Hybrid 20K Challenge, players must spend the 20,000 Credits on-hand for everything. This means that they need to use the same amount of Credits in buying the car that will be restored in the challenge, the car parts, including its body, engine parts, wheels, suspension and interior, paint job, and other repairs.

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The cars that they will use in the challenge must have the parts that have 75% durability, which means that if they have 74% durability or below, they will either buy new replacement parts or repair them.

As far as what kind of cars that they will use in the Hybrid 20K Challenge, Hybridsteel said that they can build or restore any car that they want as long as they can afford it or it fits in the 20,000 or below Credit budget. Also, they can get said cars in either the Barn, the Junkyard, or in the Car Auctions.

Also in the challenge, players will turn off the travel fees, or the credits that they pay every time that they will travel from one place to the other, as well as they can sell the parts from the cars that they cannot repair to increase the Credits that they will be using in the challenge.

They can use every facility in their garage during the challenge, which means they can use the Repair Table, the Engine Stand, the Storehouse, and the Wielding Machine.

Finally, the car that will be restored during the challenge must accomplish a run from one end of the road during the test run to the other. This means that they need the said car to work and no problems, including engine stalling, will occur during the said run.

In order to track down their expenses in the Hybrid 20K Challenge, players who are playing the simulator in their PC must go to the game's Save folder by accessing to their Users folder, followed by the AppData folder, then the LocalLow folder.

Once they are on the folder, they need to find the profile.txt file that contains the data that were used during the challenge. Afterwards, they will find the playermoney in that .txt file by pressing the Ctrl+F shortcut keys.

They can also do the "pen and paper" method where they can write down their expenses within the challenge.

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