'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Story Order 26 Guide: How to Restore a Bolt Atlanta

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 16, 2021 10:36 AM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from Damaged One's "Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 - Story Order 26")

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players not just have the opportunity to repair and restore up to 72 cars that are already available in the game for their own, but also repair or restore the cars that they are given to them through Story Orders using more than 4,000 car parts.

The Story Orders, once accomplished, will reward Credits that they can use to buy cars and car parts that they can use for future restorations, as well as XP that can unlock other cars.

How to Clear Story Order 26

In the game's Story Order 26, players will be given a task to repair a Bolt Atlanta Trespasser. According to the order's description, which is revealed in Hybridsteel's YouTube video, the car's body needs to be "in a reasonable condition," while the rest of the parts need to be replaced.

It also said that the car's suspension, rims, and exhaust system need major repairs, while the other parts like the tires need a slight tweaking.

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Once they accepted the Story Order, they may now proceed repairing the said car. In a YouTube video posted by Damaged One, players must first perform the diagnostics to see if there are "not discovered" parts. To access these parts, they will click the Additional Tools tab in the pie menu while on Parts Disassembly Mode.

First, they must use the Compression Tester to check the engine's condition. Next, they will commence the Fuel Pressure Test to check its fuel-related parts. Then, they will use the Electric Multimeter to check its electronic connections and resistances. Afterwards, they will use the Tire Thread Tester to check the tires.

During these tests, they would notice the colored numbers beside a part or parts. If the numbers are green, they will not need repairs and they are on great working condition. If it is yellow, they are still in working condition, but they need repairs. If it is red, they need to be replaced.

After the tests, they need to drain the brake fluid and the coolant fluid using the Drain Tool, then using the Oil Drain, they will drain the oil inside of the car.

Next, they will go to the Examination Mode, where they will examine the parts manually. Much like the tests, they will see the numbers right beside the parts examined in order for the to know what parts needed to be repaired and what parts needed to be replaced.

To remove the engine, they must use the Engine Crane, then after clicking the Pull Out tab, the said engine will be pulled out of the car. Once it is removed, they will put it on the Engine Stand, where they can remove parts that either needs repairing or will be replaced with a new one.

For the parts that needs repairing, they will go to the Repair Table, and "repair" said parts by landing to the green line. They need to repeat this procedure to the other parts until they got a green 100%.

For the shock absorbers, they will go to the Spring Puller, where they will separate the spring from the shock absorber by clicking the Separate Parts tab, then the Take Off tab.

Once they got the parts replaced or repaired, they can start re-assembling the car, then replace the old oil, brake fluid, and coolant fluid with new ones. Afterwards, they will align both the wheels and the headlights, then they will start the car to see if it runs properly.

Once all are done, and the car is ready to go, they can now finish the Story Mission 26 by clicking the Finish Order. They can also sell the parts that they got from the car that is impossible to repair for additional cash and Scraps.

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