'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Rust Racer Challenge Guide: What are the Rules, How to Accomplish it [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 21, 2021 10:51 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players can repair and restore one of the 80 cars in the game, most of which can be found, and bought, in the Junkyard, using more than 4,000 car parts on hand.

This is the reason why a group of players of the real-life car mechanic simulation game initiated several challenges to not just their fellow players, but also to content creators who are also playing the game, in order to test their abilities in terms of allocating their resources and being creative in the game.

One of the said challenges is the Rust Racer Challenge, which will challenge them to restore cars using the resources that came from the junkyard.

The Rules of Rust Racer Challenge

The rules for the Rust Racer Challenge are as follows, according to Hybridsteel's YouTube video - players must have only one trip to the Junkyard to find a car. They need to use this one chance to find anything that is fit for the said challenge.

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Second, they must not use all of the mod cars, or the downloadable mods for the existing cars in the game, in the said challenge. They must use the standard cars that are already available in the game.

Third, all of the parts that will be used in the challenge must came from the Junkyard. This means that all of the car parts that will be assembled for the engine, wheels and suspension, and body kit, will came from the said area.

Fourth, donor cars can be bought only for hard to find parts or parts in better condition. Fifth, they must not repair anything in the car, except the battery. This means that they cannot repair the body frame, the engine, the suspension, and others. Sixth, they must not buy new parts for the car and just rely on the parts on-hand.

Seventh, they can, or cannot, transport the car in the car wash, however, washing its interior is forbidden. Eighth, only the parts that are needed for the car to start (engine, electronics, suspension, wheels) are required, while others including the accessories are optional. Finally, painting the said car will be optional.

Tips on How to Accomplish this Challenge

In order to accomplish the Rust Racer Challenge, players must need to be resourceful and observant. They must use their visits to the Junkyard in order to seek several parts that has a good status, which can be seen on the color of its percentage.

If the percentage is green or yellow, that part is still usable and can be installed in the car. If the part is orange or red, there are chances that the said part will not work.

Luckily, in this challenge, players can spend how much money that they want for the car and the parts, which means that they can buy either a number of parts or a number of cars that can be used as donors for missing parts, so as long as it is usable.

They can also sell the donor cars after taking the parts needed for additional profit for future restoration projects.

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