'Teamfight Tactics' Patch 11.19 Update Guide: Which Champion Will Be Buffed, Nerfed + System and Gameplay Changes

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 22, 2021 05:23 AM EDT
The changes, including Champion nerfs and buffs, that will be implemented once the Patch 11.19 Update rolls out in Teamfight Tactics.
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Teamfight Tactics receives its Patch 11.19 update, the third to the last patch for its Reckoning Season. The said patch update will bring several balance changes to its Champions, as well as other changes to its gameplay and system.

The Patch 11.19 Update, according to Dot Esports, will be rolled out in time for its Reckoning World Championship, which would take place on October 1st and will last until October 4th.

Champion Balance Changes

One of the Champions in Teamfight Tactics that will be hit by the Patch 11.19 Update is Draven. According to Sportskeeda, the said patch update reworks his passive, making it ignore 50% of his target's armor.

Aside from that, his basic attack damage is nerfed from 95 to 80, while the base damage of his spinning Axes, as well as its on-hit bonus Damage AD scaling, is also nerfed from 150/225/900 to 125/200/700 and from 170%/180%/400% to 140%/150%/400%, respectfully.

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According to the patch notes that were posted in the game website, the reason for the nerfs is to remove the need for him to be equipped with a fourth item such as the Last Whisper, forcing players to build only three items for the Champion.

Tristana's Rocket Jump will also receive rework, gaining her attack speed for 4 seconds after leaping away from the enemies. Her attack range will be lowered from 5 to 4, but her attack damage and starting mana will be increased from 60 to 65 and from 50/125 to 60/125, respectfully.

Thresh's maximum mana will be nerfed from 40/80 to 80/140, while Ashe's basic attack damage will be increased from 60 to 70. The update also buffed Heimerdinger's maximum mana from 0/160 to 0/140, but the Champion's turret attack damage was reduced from 125 to 100.

Other Champions that received changes include, Kled, Leona, Udyr, Sett, Soraka, Miss Fortune, Nidalee, Riven, Karma, and Garren.

Other In-Game Changes

Aside from the aforementioned Champions, Teamfight Tactics's Patch 11.19 Update will also bring in balance changes to its items.

According to Upcomer, the Zz'Rot Portal, as well as its Radiant counterpart, will receive an increase for its taunt hex radius from two to four, and can taunt Assassins. Also, the Radiant Spear of Shonjin will receive an additional 20 ability power bonus, while the Tome of Traits' drops from a gold orb will have lowered chances by about 40%.

For the Traits, the maximum health scaling for Skirmisher Shield will be increased from 20%/40%/100% to 20%/50%/100%, while the base health and the health per Star Level for Abomination Monstrosity will be increased from 900/1400/1900 to 900/1500/2000 and from 90/140/190 to 90/150/200, respectfully.

On the other hand, the patch update will tweak the Tutorial in the game's mobile version, adding in a smaller number of Set One Champions, as well as limited number of items, traits, and adjustments.

As for the bug fixes, the patch update will just improve the tooltip clarity for the Rangers.

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