'Aliens Fireteam Elite' Patch Update Guide: Doc Tweaks, Other Changes Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 24, 2021 04:08 AM EDT
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Aliens: Fireteam Elite receives its Patch Update, which will fix several issues within its Season 1 - Phalanx. The said patch update will focus mostly on tweaking Doc, especially to its abilities, perks, and kits.

The update will also implement changes and fixes to other in-game elements, such as its weapons, Challenge Cards, and among others.

Tweaks for Doc

As mentioned earlier, the patch update will focus on Doc, especially in reworking its Trauma Station. According to the patch notes posted in the game's website, the said ability will now regain a specific amount of energy after any player picks up an Aid Kit.

Before the said change, the said ability will only regain Doc's energy after picking up the said kit, but thanks to the said change, it will benefit the whole team, making it easier to manage.

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In lieu of this change, the patch update reworked the HUD so that it would display a notification regarding the amount of energy replenished after picking up an Aid Kit. It also fixed an issue where the user interface for its energy bar could display an inaccurate value.

Also, the said ability will have its Replacers, like the Painkiller station and the Suppression Station, can now be placed down even when Doc is out of energy.

As for its perks, the patch update increased the range of its "Field Medic" perk and its other related perks from 6 meters to 7 meters. This is somewhat helpful, as a widened range can cover more players that will be benefitted by this perk.

Other Changes, Issue Fixes

The newest patch update for Alien: Fireteam Elite also brought in other changes to several of the shooter survival game's elements, as well as bug fixes.

According to The Nerd Stash, the "Rampage" perk for the Demolisher will now work correctly while equipping a flamethrower, while its "Assault & Battery" perk will grant up to 50% cooldown reduction, instead of its original 100% reduction, which will be seen in its updated tooltip.

For the weapons, the said patch update fixed an issue inside the Special Ammo consumable that causes them to be erroneously applied to a N79 EVA laser pistol. Players who will attempt to do so will receive a message informing them that said ammo will not be available for the said weapon.

For the game's Challenge Cards, the patch update tweaked the "Stuck Magazines" Challenge Card so that it could no longer affect AI companions. It also fixed "Tactical Cam" Challenge Card so that it could affect all players in a party correctly.

As for the issue fixes, according to WePC.com, the patch update fixed several places in the game where players could get stuck in the world geometry, as well as making them unreachable to the enemies after traversing.

It also fixed an issue where kills from flamethrowers would not be counted towards the Tactical Opportunity's progress, as well as a number of issues where more players were able to group up than intended.

Finally, the patch update fixed the game's intel items in order for them to be properly pinged with a correct message.

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