'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Story Order 16, 23 Guide: How to Repair Sixon Cebulion, Mayen M8

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 27, 2021 04:40 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players will not only repair and restore the cars that either already installed in the game or included in its downloadable content (DLC) car packs, but also repair the cars that will be given by them through its Story Orders.

These Story Orders, once completed, will reward them XP, which can unlock access to other cars, as well as the abilities that they can use to upgrade themselves and the garage, and Credits, which can be used to buy cars and car parts.

Story Order 16: How to Repair the Sixon Cebulion

For this first Story Order, players need to repair a Sixon Cebulion, or in real-life, it is the Hyundai Tiburion. According to Kronos80's YouTube video, the owner said that he wants to replace or repair several parts in its body kit, as well as spraying its body kit with the factory colors.

Once they received the said car and washed in the Car Wash, they will transfer it to the Car Lift in their garage, where they would examine the whole car for "missing" parts.

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To do this, players must go to the Examination Mode, where they can examine the parts of the car one by one until they identify the said "missing" parts. They could also use the Additional Tools that they have to examine further the engine and the battery

Once they examined everything, they should have at least "Identify" the following -- the battery, the radiator fan housing fan, four pistons with conrod, four piston rings, the crankshaft, two crankshaft bearing caps, the fuel pump, the fuel filter, four fuel rails, the fuel tank, two front shock absorber caps, the intake manifold, the oil filter, three rod caps, the engine head, and the ABS pump.

They can either repair these parts by putting them in the Repair Table, or it if they are impossible to repair, they can be sold for scrap and additional Credit, and instead replace them with new ones.

Once they got the repaired or replaced parts, they can now re-assemble the car and replace the oil, the coolant fluid, the brake fluid, the windshield wiper fluid, and the power steering fluid.

Once they are done, they can now paint the car in its factory colors of white, then they will align both its wheels, and headlights.

Story Order 23: How to Repair the Mayen M8

For this second Story Order, players will have to repair a Mayen M8, or the Audi A8 in real life. According to OfficialMisua's Youtube video, they need to first check the said car as "looks can be deceiving." Much like the first one, it also has parts that are "not discovered" or "missing."

After washing it in the Car Wash, they will transfer the car to examine its parts. Much like the first one, they can do both manual checking through Examination Mode and thorough checking through the Additional Tools.

After checking, they need to repair or replace the follow - five ignition coils, the alternator, the belt tensioner, five idler rollers, the serpentine belts, the water pump pulley, the water pump, the fuel rods, the supercharger, the supercharger intake manifold, the timing belts, four cam gears, the oil filter, the crankshaft, eight pistons, two crankshaft bearing caps, and the engine block itself.

Again, they can either put them in the Repair Table model kit to start repairing, or sell them for additional Credits and buy new ones instead. Once they got the parts need, they will start reassembling the said car.

Afterwards, they can replace the oil, the coolant fluid, the brake fluid and the power steering fluid, as well as the windshield washer fluid, as well as calibrating the said car's headlight alignment.

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