'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Story Order 20 Lacroix Fret Restoration Guide: How to Repair Peugeot Partner Van [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 04, 2021 04:51 AM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from Kronos80's "Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Story Order 20 Lacroix Fret 2017")

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, not only that players will restore cars that they usually found in the Junkyard or in the Barn, but also they can repair cars that were handed to them by their "customers" in the game's Story Orders.

These Story Orders, once fulfilled, can award them Credits, which can be used in buying other cars, as well as car parts, and XP, which can be used to unlock abilities that will help them as they progress in the game.

Story Order 20: How to Repair a Lacroix Fret

For this Story Order, players are tasked to repair a customer's 2017 Lacroix Fret van, or in real life, a Peugeot Partner Van.

According to Kronos80's YouTube video, the said car was a company car and it wants to repair it after the van crashed at several structures, including a boom barrier and a pole in a parking lot. The costumer also said that he wants to pay the repair cost from his own wallet.

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When the players receive the van, they would notice that from the outside, it was fine. Once they got it, they will transport it to the Car Lift of their garage to start its repairs.

From there, they will click the car Status tab to check the status of its Body, Parts, Frame, and Interior. They would have notice that the Body is 79%, so it need a lot of repairs. They would also see that there are parts that are "not discovered."

Afterwards, they will have to go to the Examination mode to manually look at the parts that needs to be repaired or replaced. They can also use the Additional Tools to further examine the parts within one area, such as the engine and the suspension.

After examining the parts, they will now know the parts that are "not discovered." These are its front and rear suspension crossmembers, two rear axle knuckle housing A, a rear muffler, two of each of the rear suspension arm A and B, two spring caps, two rear shock absorbers A, and its medium intercooler. They must also repair or replace the van's front and rear bumper, as well as the windshield.

Afterwards, they will drain its oil, as well as its brake fluid and coolant fluid, in order to replace them with a new one.

To do this, for both the brake fluid and the coolant fluid, according to HTF Games Studio's YouTube video, they must click the Additional Tools tab, then select the Drain Tool. Next, they will hold the left mouse button to the chosen reservoir in order to proceed the said draining.

For the oil, they must go to the Oil Drain, where it is located in the garage. Click the said machine, then select Move Equipment in order to move it to the car lift. Make sue that the car is elevated before draining its oil. Next, they will click the Use Equipment in order to start the oil draining.

Once they know the parts and drained its fluids, they can now proceed in disassembling the car and pick up the parts that needs to be repaired or restored. Those that has a green color in their status percentage can be left in the car as it can still be used.

Once they got the parts, they can repair it by placing it on the Repair Table. From there, they will play a minigame, where all they need to do is to aim at the green tabs. They need to do this again and again until the part is completely repaired.

The same goes with the body parts as Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 has a separate Repair Table for the said parts. They can also repair the body using the Wielding Machine to increase its value.

Those that are impossible to be repaired can be sold for additional Credits and Scrap, and can be replaced with a new one.

Once they finished repairing the parts, and buying replacement ones, they will need to reassemble the car altogether. Then, they will replace the oil, brake fluid, and the coolant fluid by refilling their respective reservoirs with a new one.

Next, they will go to the other side of the garage where they will calibrate the car by realigning both its lights and wheels using the Headlight Alignment and the Wheel Alignment machines.

To recalibrate the lights, players must center the light in the box until it is in the center. To calibrate the wheels, on the other hand, they need to move the wheels individually until they are centered.

Afterwards, they can now repaint the van in its original factory colors, then wash it. Once they have done it, they can finish the said Story Order and claim the profit.

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