'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Chevrolet Impala Restoration Guide: How to Restore this Classic Car [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 06, 2021 08:51 AM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from PitykuTV "Car Mechanic Sim 2021- Chevrolet Impala (1965) Restoration!")

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players can restore one of the 80 cars that are available in the game, either from a list of pre-installed one or from two of its downloadable content (DLC) car packs, using more than 4,000 car parts.

These cars, once restored, can be either sold for additional private or included in their collection. But before they can restore them, they need to find, and purchase, them in the Junkyard, or if they are lucky, in the Barns.

One of the said cars is the 1965 Chevrolet Impala, or in the game, it is called the Bolt Cape MK4. The said car is the fourth generation of Chevrolet's Impala line, which was produced from 1964 to 1970.

How to Restore the Chevrolet Impala

In a YouTube video made by PitykuTV, after purchasing it, they must wash the Chevrolet Impala in the Car Wash, including its interior, to increase its value, as well as to know its true condition.

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In the said video, after it was washed, the player noticed that the car almost looked brand new, but it needs to be examined further if it has parts that needs a repair or a replacement.

After washing it, they need to transport the car to the Car Lift in their garage to start examining it. To do so, they need to click the Examination Mode in the pie menu, or if they want to go straight to the disassembling, they need to click the Part Unmount Mode.

After examining, they will disassemble the car to gather the parts that needs repairing or replacing, including its wheels and suspension, engine, electronics, and body kit, until what is left is the body frame itself. While disassembling, they need to drain its oil, brake fluid, coolant fluid, and power steering fluid.

Once disassembling is done, they will repair the whole body kit with the use of the Wielding Machine. To start the process, they must move the said machine to the Car Lift where the car is placed, then click the Use Equipment.

After the body kit, they will repair the parts that can be used again by placing on the Repair Table (for most of the car parts) or in the Brake Latherer (for brake pads). Those who cannot be repaired anymore will be sold for additional Credit and Scrap, and instead, buy replacement parts.

Once they have done repairing the parts, they can now start reassembling the car, starting with the engine. The 1965 Chevrolet Impala houses a Supercharged V8 OHV engine.

For that, they need the engine block, the crankshaft, the pistons and its rings, the rod caps, the crankshaft bearing caps, the oil pan, the flywheel, the clutch plate, the clutch pressure plate, the clutch release bearing, the engine heads, the valve push rods, the rocker arms, and the engine head covers.

They will also need to have the spark plugs, the exhaust manifolds, the intake manifold for the supercharger, the ignition distributor A, along with its rotor, cap and clips, the supercharger itself, the two carburetors, the scoop air filters, the air scoop, the ignition coil, the ignition wires, and the oil and fuel filters.

They will also need to have the alternator, the power steering pump, the cam gear, the timing chain, the timing cover, the water pump, the crankshaft pulley, the supercharger water pump pulley, the supercharger serpentine belt, the normal serpentine belts A and B, and the radiator fan.

Once they assembled the engine, they will remove it in the Engine Stand, and re-install it inside the car with the help of the Engine Pulley. Afterwards, they can now reassemble the rest of the car.

Once they finished reassembling the car, they can now repaint it with the colors of their choice, then they can now calibrate its headlights and wheels by realigning them, as well as tuning its gearbox.

Afterwards, they can now test drive their very own 1965 Chevrolet Impala.

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