5 Best ‘Car Mechanic Simulator 2021’ Mods that Players Can Use

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 05, 2021 10:33 PM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players can repair and restore cars using more than 4,000 parts. These cars, once repaired or restored, can either be sold to increase profit or be kept as part of their garage collection.

As they progress the game, they would notice that its several features and mechanics are fixed, such as the names of the cars, which are not the same as their real-life counter parts, or cars who has a fixed list of capable engines to swap.

Others such as the Engine Stand need to be changed for simplicity and accessibility due to its tedious task of clicking multiple tabs in the pie menu.

At some cases, players are wishing that Red Dot Games, the developer of Car Mechanic Simulator, could more cars that they can repair or restore.

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But thankfully, these problems will be fixed with the help of Mods. These modifications in the game, which were mostly made and tinkered by the fans of the real-life car mechanic simulation, can be downloaded and applied to the game to make their experience a simpler and even more fun gameplay. 

The said mods are downloadable in sites like Nexusmods.com and the Steam Workshop (for car mods).

The Authentic Car Names Mod

One of the mods that players usually download for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is the Authentic Car Names mods. In its description in Nexusmods.com, the said mod will change the fictional names of the cars that are already installed in the game into real ones.

The reason why people always download this mod is because players want to have the authentic experience of fixing a real-life car in the video game, especially in a simulator.

However, this name changing mod cannot be worked to other cars that came from the game's downloadable content (DLC) car packs, as well as downloadable car mods.

The QuickShop Mod

Players often buy the car parts that they need to use in the computer. However, this kind of method is tedious as they will walk from the computer to the Engine Stand or Car Lift, and vice versa.

However, several players developed the QuickShop mod. According to its description, this mod will allow them to buy said parts while they are in the Parts Overview and Parts Unmount/Mount mode, instead of going to the computer. This mod will also made replacing parts from rusty old ones to new one even faster.

The AutoRepairBench Mod

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, there are places in the garage such as the Repair Table and the Brake Disk Latherer that players can go to if they want to repair several car parts that still can be used in their repair or restoration project. This is a cheaper way than buying new ones.

However, players want to skip the process of either playing a minigame in order to repair a part or lathing the brake disks.

With the AutoRepairBench mod, repairing the said parts will be now faster. This mod, according to the description, will add a hotkey in the game that will repair all of the broken parts, as well as balancing the wheels and lathing brake disks.

The said mod will make repairing, and acquiring repaired parts, even faster, as well as it can scrap several parts that are impossible to repair, and can upgrade several parts to 3-Star ones.

The Engine Swap Mod

Due to the game's fixed engine swap setting in every car, players tend to get tired, especially in customizing their restored cars. However, the Engine Swap mod can fix this problem.

With this mod, once downloaded, can enable players to swap any kind of engine to any car that they wanted, even ones from the DLC car packs.

The said mod is still work in progress, as there are times that it will not work, or in case that the mod will work on most the cars, it needs the engine to be rotated in order to fit under the hood.

The Engine Stand Mod

At first, rotating the engine in the Engine Stand is a better way to install parts in the engine. However, this process will take lots of clicking in the pie menu.

The Engine Stand mod can fix this problem. With this mod, players can now rotate the engine with press of a button instead of a click of the mouse.

Aside from the said function, the said mod will also allow player to buy several missing parts of the engine right straight to the Engine Stand instead of going to the computer. This function can be accessed if the engine block or the pre-assembled engine is in the stand itself.

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