Killer Instinct News: Fulgore's Moves and Abilities Shown Off in New Footage [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 31, 2014 11:26 AM EDT

Microsoft held a live-stream not too long ago to show off newcomer Fulgore with a bit more depth than the AI's debut trailer. If you missed the stream, no worries, it's been recorded by fighter game fan and YouTuber Maximilian, as well as thoroughly dissected and analyzed.

Here's what you need to know:

- Fighter fans familiar with Fulgore will be relieved to know that he isn't too dissimilar from the original, retaining his cyber dash, teleport, uppercut, projectiles, etc.
- the biggest thing Fulgore players will have to get used to is his shadow meter, or "reactor gauge." While other characters fill the meter by attacking, Fulgore has a "reactor gauge" that has to be manually charged.
- On the plus side, certain special attacks of Fulgore's can be cancelled, or immediately transition into another special attack, which can make him a very tricky character to play against. Hard to describe, but easy to see in action, so on that note, check out the video below.

Fulgore was originally supposed to release by the end of March, but Double Helix apparently couldn't make the cutoff. Ultratech's killer bot is now slated to release on April 9, closing out the season one content. The same update that adds Fulgore will also bring in a host of other additions, including an Arcade mode, tweaks, and fixes.

From that point, Iron Galaxy will take over for Double Helix. What else does the future hold for Killer Instinct? Over on Twitter, Microsoft Creative Director Adam Isgreen teased that Season 2 could see the addition of a few newcomers. Killer Instinct is still three characters short of the original game's roster, with Riptor, Cinder, and T.J. Combo still unseen.

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