'Overwatch' Patch 3.19 Update Guide: Tweaks for Mercy, Changes, Fixes, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 13, 2021 08:53 AM EDT
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Blizzard released the patch notes for the Patch 3.19 Update for Overwatch, which brought the Halloween treats with the return of its Halloween Terror event.

The said patch update also gave Mercy a buff that can be beneficial for players who are maining the Support character, as well as other changes and fixes, especially to the game's maps and characters.

Buff for Mercy

The Patch 3.19 Update for Overwatch gave players the "Guardian Angel Target Priority," which can aid them while using Mercy, and her Guardian Angel, an ability that will make her fly to a targeted ally, reaching them while giving assistance in crucial moments.

With the said mechanic, according to the patch notes posted in the game's forum site, players can now choose between three options.

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Facing Target Only lets Mercy only fly to an ally that players are aiming at, while Prefer Beam Target lets her fly to the beam target if they have one, and Prefer Facing Target lets her fly towards any ally that they are aiming at. If they do not have one, it will attempt to use the beam target.

The said feature also has a Behavior Change, which according to Dexerto, they can hold down the button dedicated for Guardian Angel, and once they found a valid target, they will fly to them immediately.

Other Additions

Aside from the tweaks for Mercy, the Patch 3.19 Update for Overwatch also brought new additions to the game, including the aforementioned return of its Halloween Terror event this year.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, in the said event, players participate in limited-time "player-versus-environment" (PvE) brawls, such as the Junkenstein's Revenge, which they will need to complete six challenges, as well as other weekly challenges, in order to reward them with Halloween-based in-game items such as Hero skins.

Aside from the Halloween-exclusive event, the patch update also brings in the new Season 4 of Overwatch's Competitive Team Deathmatch.

Bug Fixes

Overwatch's Patch 3.19 Update also fixed several bugs that might affect the game if they are not addressed. According to the patch notes, it fixed a rare bug that might cause players to die immediately after the respawn timer expires before returning to the spawn room.

It also fixed a bug in the game's Busan map, which allows Symmetra's turrets to shoot through one sided collision around a point on the Downtown area, as well as a bug in the Lijian Tower map that cause several third person sound effects to become muffled when near a point on the Night Market area.

For the Heroes, the patch update also fixed a bug that causes the reticle effect on Ana's scope to appear incorrectly when her Haroeris skin is equipped, as well as a bug the causes Ashe's ankles to bend awkwardly when positioned on a certain uneven terrain.

The patch update also fixed a bug that causes Mercy's Guardian Angel to be canceled if the target moves away quickly, as well as a bug that allows Reinhardt to perform an extra jump after falling from a high area while performing his Earthshatter ability.

It also fixed a bug that causes spectators to be unable to see an invisible Sombra while spectating her in third person, as well as the bug that causes Symmetra's Photon Barrier to continue blocking damage after the visual effects despawn.

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