'Rocket League' Haunted Hallows Guide: How Long Will it Last, How to Get the Batmobiles

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 14, 2021 07:46 AM EDT
Rocket Leagues players can ride, and score a goal, in style in one of these Batmobiles, which will be available during the "Haunted Hallows" event.
(Photo: Screenshot from Rocket League's Twitter Post)

It is time to score a goal in Gotham City as Psyonix teams up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to bring in exclusive in-game items for Rocket League's returning Haunted Hallows event.

In this event, players can now owe their very own Batmoblie, as well as they will be given a chance to grab other Batman-related cosmetics and more.

Score a Goal with Your Own Batmobile

The developers of the online ball game revealed the said crossover with the Batman series in a teaser trailer for the Haunted Hallows event. According to ComingSoon.net, the said trailer shown the cars that the players need to have.

Revealed in the said trailer, according to Bleeding Cool, are the classic 1989 Batmobile that was used in Tim Buston's Batman, the 2005 Tumbler that was seen in Batman Begins, the first of The Dark Knight trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, and the 2016 Batmobile that was featured in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Aside from the different versions of the Caped Crusader's vehicles, several cosmetics based on the villains Batman faced in different media, from comics to television to movies, such as The Joker and Poison Ivy, are also included in the event.

According to the post in the game's website, said cosmetics such as the Joker Dominus decal and boost, the Gotham's Finest Merc decal, the Harley Quinn wheels and topper, the Poison Ivy boost, and the Mr. Freeze wheels, are up also up for grabs.

Aside for these in-game items, players can now play the game in the Gotham City Rumble, with power-ups that are themed after Batman and his enemies like the Joker's Boxing Glove and the Harley's Hammer.

The Beckwith Park arena will also have a Gotham facelift during the Haunted Hallows as the said arena will swarmed with evil villains and their henchmen. Players who are playing in this arena will look for easter eggs that are scattered there.

How to Get the Batmobiles

In order to owe their very own Batmobile, according to Newsweek, Rocket League players can buy the Batman Halloween Bundle, which will be available in the game's shop for only 2,000 credits.

Aside from the vehicles, they will also have the Reel Life decals and goal explosions that are designed based on the "Bat-signals" of their respective movies.

If they want to grab either one of the three Batmobiles, they can also purchase the Individual Batmobile Bundle, which contains the vehicle itself, a Reel Life decal, and a Bat-symbol goal explosion. Each of these bundles will be sold for 800 credits.

The Reel Life decals and the Bat-signal goal explosions will also be available individually for 300 and 500 Credits, respectfully.

Those wanted the cosmetics based on Batman's iconic villains can also have those items by participating, and completing, the event-exclusive challenges.

The Haunted Hallows event in Rocket League will last until November 1st. Those who logged in during the said event will receive the "Dark Knight" in-game title.

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