'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Story Order 8 Guide: How to Repair FMW Panther Mk1 Performance [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 25, 2021 12:21 AM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from Hybridsteel's "Story Order 8 | FMW PANTHER MK1 | Car Mechanic Simulator 2021")

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, aside from the fact that players can restore their very own cars using more than 4,000 car parts that they can either sell for additional profit or keep as part of their garage collection, they can also repair other cars they will be given to them through Story Orders.

These Story Orders will not only award them additional Credit, which they can use to buy cars, as well as car parts, but they will also earn XP, which can be used to unlock several skill and facility upgrades in the game.

Story Order 8 - Repairing an FMW Panther Mk 1 Performance

In this Story Order, players will repair an FMW Panther Mk 1 Performance, or in real life, a 1992 BMW M3.

According to Skridger's YouTube video, it needs to have its parts either repaired or replaced, including those that are "not discovered," as well as its front bumper B, its front left and right fender, its rear bumper B, and its right headlight B.

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Its oil and coolant are also need to be replaced, as well as have it sprayed with its original factory colors.

Once they received the car, they will transfer it to the Car Wash to clean its exterior and interior, then they will transfer it to the Car Lift in their Garage.

From there, they will examine the car to look for the said "not discovered" parts, either through the Examination Mode or Additional Tools, all of which can be accessed through the car's pie menu.

Once they finished examine the car, they must have "discovered" the following parts - the brake caliper, the brake disc, the brake pads, the race tire, the rear axle knuckle housing A, the rear drive axle, the rear shock absorber cap, the rear spring, the rear suspension arm, the rear suspension arm B, and the rear suspension upper arm.

They also must have "discovered" the rear wheel hub, the 18A rim, the rubber bushing, the spring cap, the sway bar rear end link, the wheel hub 3, and the oil filter.

Afterwards, they will drain the remaining oil inside the car using the Oil Drain machine, as well as its coolant using the Drain Tool, that can be accessed in the Additional Tools tab.

Once they have done draining said fluids, they can now disassemble the said problematic parts in order to either repair or replace them.

For the parts that still can be used again, they can repair them using the Repair Tables that can be seen inside the Workshop. From there, they will play a minigame, where they need to hit the green tabs in order to repair them. They must repeat the process until the parts are fully repaired.

On the other hand, those that are impossible to be repaired needs to be replaced with new ones while selling said parts for Credits and Scraps, which they can use for upgrades.

Once they got the parts repaired or replaced, they will reinstall them in the car, then they will refill it with new oil and coolant, as well as its windshield washer fluid. Then, they will transfer it to the Paint Booth, where they will repaint it in its original factory colors, which is white.

Then, they can now re-align its wheel and lights, then test drive it to checks its performance. Once they are satisfied, players can now turn over the car to the customer, and end the Story Order while claiming the Credits and XP.

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