'CoD Vanguard' Zombies Guide: How Does Pack-A-Punch, Perks Work

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 04, 2021 07:55 AM EDT
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In preparation for Call of Duty: Vanguard's November 5th release, Treyarch Studios released more details regarding the newest Call of Duty installement's Zombie game mode, which will pick up the Dark Aether storyline that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War started.

The said information reveals more details regarding the new perks, which will be coming from its all new Perk Fountain system, as well as those that involves a crucial weapon that has become a staple in every Call of Duty Zombies game mode.

New Powers, Perks

In Vanguard's Zombie game mode, players will have the opportunity to use the powers of the Artifacts that come from the entities of the Dark Either, who are going to aid them in the fight against Kortifex the Deathless, their former lord that was summoned by Wolfram von List, a top German Nazi official.

According to a post in Treyarch's website, the Dragon of Saraxis will make them spawn an aethereal explosive that could deal massive damage to enemies once it detonates, while the Mask of Bellekar will cloak them in Dark Aether, making them invisible from the enemies for 5 seconds.

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The Sword of Inviktor can summon a ring of Aethereal flame to boost damage for everyone within its radius for 15 seconds, and the Horn of Norticus will call upon a frigid vortex that could damage enemies with an initial blast, while slowing those that entered in its radius.

Aside from those aforementioned powers, new perks will be also introduced in the game, along with the new Perk Fountains. These fountains, according to Dot Esports, are scattered around the Der Anfang, and players must access them in order to have their respective perks.

The perks that will be available during the launch are Fiendish Fortitude, which can increase health, Diabolical Damage, which can increase critical damage, Venomous Vigor, which can boost health regeneration speed, Demonic Frenzy, which can boost reloading speed, and Aethereal Haste, which can boost movement speed.

The Tier 1 of these Perks will be available for free, with the progression towards Tier 2 and beyond will be paid with Essence. Players will need to pay 2,500 Essence to level the Perk up to Tier 2, then 5,000 Essence for Tier 3, and 7,500 Essence for Tier 4.

Each of the Perk's Tier upgrades will increase its specific base stat. The higher the Tier, the bigger enhancement it provides.

Also, the Altar of Covenants will be introduced in Vanguard's Zombie mode, giving players even more ways to customize their load-out. These Covenants offer new abilities that they can equip, ranging from attack boosts to giving negative buffs towards enemies. They can only equip at least three out of the 32 Covenants.

Bring in the Classic

With all of the aforementioned new additions, Treyarch still added the fan-favorite Pack-A-Punch upgrade machine in Call of Duty: Vanguard's Zombie mode.

The old staple since Call of Duty: World at War, this machine, according to Sportskeeda, became an integral aspect if every game it appeared in as it can be used to upgrade weapons during the late game fight against the undead horde.

The weapons that are "packed" by the machine will be distinguished by their color. These colors will also tell its "rarity," or how many times they were subjected through the Pack-A Punch machine.

There four rarities available. Those that are "unpacked" will emit a white color in their names, while names that is blue mean that they are in Level 1. Those weapons that have their names in purple indicate that they are Level 2, and those whose names are in orange are Level 3.

Also, while "packing" a weapon the machine, players must pay up an amount of Essence. Upgrading it to Level 1 will cost them 7,500 Essence, while paying 15,000 Essence will upgrade it to Level 2, and 30,000 for Level 3. 

According to Treyarch, players can now also upgrade weapons that they found in loot chests, Mystery Box spins, and enemy drops during higher rounds.

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