'eFootball 2022' First Patch 0.9.1 Update Guide: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 06, 2021 09:46 AM EDT
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After its launch over a month ago, Konami's eFootball 2021 has received its first Patch 0.9.1 Update, which has brought in potential fixes and improvements for the football management simulation game, especially its several issues, bugs, and visual glitches.

However, according to Dual Shockers, these fixes will not fully polish the game, as they are still under development as of this writing, which means that the developers of the game are still working on them to make them work in the coming days and weeks to ensure that the issues will be solved.

On the other hand, the developing team revealed that they are delaying the release of the full version of the game, which supposedly within this November, to the Spring of 2022.

Fixes that will be Implemented

According to the patch notes posted in the game's website, eFootball 2022's Patch 0.9.1 Update fixed a major error that cause the game to crash.

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It also fixed the bugs that cause some players to appear as floating suits or disappear entirely during the pre-match cutscene, and show that they are wearing one in the "Select Uniform" menu.

It also fixed several bugs that cause several objects to not be displayed during the pre-match cutscenes due to slow loading times, and background objects to appear blurry in the pre-match "Select Team" menu.

It also fixed several visual glitches such as player's arms will clip into each other during the pre-match national anthem and post-match victory scenes, and the grass in the football field will not appear three-dimensionally during the pre-match cutscene.

It also fixed a glitch where several objects, including cameramen on the side of the field, will disappear during goal-scoring scenes, as well as one where some advertisement boards located around the field may display an erroneous image.

The patch update also fixed another visual glitch where several elements, including cameraman models, clip into stadium structures during cutscenes.

The Patch 0.9.1 Update also fixed a bug that cause some commands to stop working correctly if the "Physical Defending" command is assigned to a different button than its initially settings.

It also fixed a bug where the goal keeper is shown kicking the ball in a position that far away from it after a "Position Shift" command was performed before a goal kick, as well as an issue where several commands entered at the same time as a cursor change command will fail to have effect during a match.

It also fixed a bug where a player may miss the ball completely when it attempts to kick it to a goal, while it fixed another bug that causes several of them to suddenly disappear during a match.

It also fixed an issue where the pre-match card may not display when playing an online match, while it fixed a visual glitch that causes a wrong screen to show for a moment when transitioning between menu screens.

In terms of its different platforms, including for PCs, the patch update fixed a visual issue where the bottom part of the screen flickers during a match if they set the Display Quality to "High," while it fixed an issue where some screens are shown out of position when playing using an ultra wide monitor.

For its console version, the patch update fixed an issue where the match commentaries may fail to play during a match if it was played immediately after installation in situations where only certain features are available.

It also fixed another issue that causes trophies and achievements to be awarded even when the conditions for receiving them have not been met.

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