'CoD Vanguard' 'Operation Tonga' Guide: How to Clear the Campaign’s First Half

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 09, 2021 01:37 AM EST
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In Call of Duty: Vanguard, players will take on different in-game Campaigns, or missions, that are focused on different areas that are involved in World War II.

One of the said Campaigns is Operation Tonga, which is the codename given to the airborne operations done by British as part of their D-Day landings in Normandy, France.

In the said Campaign, according to GFinity, Kingsley must need to evade being captured by the Nazi soldiers in order to regroup his fellow Allied soldiers and complete their mission of weaking the coastal defense line.

Clearing Operation Tonga - Regrouping Allies

In Call of Duty: Vanguard: Operation Tonga has two parts that players, who are controlling Kingston, need to clear. The first one was to regroup with his fellow Allied soldiers.

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But before doing so, according to Gamepur, they will find themselves in a compromising situation where there are Nazi soldiers and watchdogs patrolling in the area while they are lying on the ground after being washed up by the river.

Once they got up, they need stealthily follow the path on their right before they walk into a fallen tree. From there, they will crawl by pressing the Circle button on their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controller, or the B button if they are playing the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controller.

Once they are crawling, they need to stop in their tracks, then they will crawl again to a stump right next to a dead tree and wait there for about 30 to 45 seconds. From there, they need to watch out for those beaming lights from the patrolling Nazi soldier's flashlights on their left.

Once the soldier turned his back, they will crawl again while following the path of the leaves that will lead them into the forest. Then, they can stand up and run towards the white, flashing explosions.

Afterwards, they will make a slight left at the fire, where they will see path that they need to follow. Once they are on the said path, they will encounter their fellow Allied soldier, whose parachute is caught in a tree.

While they are approaching him, a Nazi soldier will attack them on the spot. In order to subdue him, according to IGN, they must first run up and initiate a Takedown by pressing R3. Then, a short animation will trigger.

Afterwards, Kingsley will pick up a rifle while another Nazi solider is approaching them. They need to shoot him out before ending the said animation and gaining control of Kingston once again.

Then, they will turn back to the right, then follow the path up the hill until they saw a gate. They will stop at that area and wait for the procession of patrolling Nazi soldiers to pass by. Once the coast is clear, they will go towards the right side, then take cover at the wheelbarrow and truck near ahouse.

From there, will pick up the sniper bullets, then load them in the rifle that they had from earlier, and then they will crawl and stealthily initiate Takedowns to the Nazi soldiers that are patrolling in the area, as well as one that is guarding the entrance to the cellar in order to enter.

Once they are inside the cellar, they will head down the stairs, then shoot down the Nazi soldier guarding there after he sees them through the floorboards. Once they killed him, they will head towards the stairs on the far side of the room, and climb to reach ground level again.

From there, they will open the door until another soldier blows it off its hinges. They will approach the door jam on the left side, then aim to look around the corner.

Then, using the frame to cover them, they will shoot down the soldier that is on the opposite room, as well as another one that is taking cover behind a flipped table on their left.

Them, they will kill another soldier by taking aim at the window, then they will go towards the hole that was created by an explosion from the outside. Once they are outside, they will pick up an MP-40 with 9mm 64-round drums by the window to add into their arsenal, but they will still need to keep the rifle.

Afterwards, they will go towards outside, where they need to take down the remaining Nazi soldier. From there, they will see a white flash, with a whistle signaling that there are more soldiers that are approaching towards them.

From there, they will need to take cover behind one of the garden walls, then get ready for the close-range attack against the wave of Nazi soldiers. Afterwards, they will proceed with attacking said soldiers using the MP-40, while taking the remaining ones using the rifle.

As they are taking those soldiers down, they will notice that a bunch of guard dogs are approaching them, so they need to take them down using the rifle.

Once they done clearing the field, they will head towards the far end of the area, then follow the path up to the hill until they reach the house near the burning windmill. They will now run towards the said house, then they will pass a wheelbarrow filled with barrels.

From there, they will see a soldier running into the burning house. They need to approach the open doorway on the right side while holding their MP-40. They need to be careful while entering, as a Nazi soldier with a bayonet will attack them. To avoid this, they need to shoot him down immediately.

From there, they will eliminate the soldiers their using the grenades that they will be picking up from an ammo crate on their left.

Afterwards, they will pick up the weapons that they want to use, then they will head outside. From there, Webb is waiting for them to reunite with the other Allied soldiers. They will approach and interact him in order to regroup, as well as to proceed to the other half of the Campaign.

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