'Europa Universalis 4' 'Origins' DLC Guide: New Missions, Additional Content + Patch 1.32 Update Improvements, Bug Fixes

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 12, 2021 12:34 AM EST
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Europa Universalis IV has released its "Origins" Downloadable Content (DLC) Expansion Pack, which brought in new additional elements to the real-time strategy game.

These include new missions for the African nations, as well as new formable nations, government reforms, monuments, and more.

The said DLC Expansion Pack also came in with the new Patch 1.32 Update, which also brought in several improvements and fixes to the game.

New Additions

One of the aforementioned additions in Europa Universalis IV courtesy of its "Origins" DLC Expansion Pack are the new missions for the African nations.

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According to a post in the Paradox Interactive's forum site, players can now take mission trees for Mali, Songhai, Jolof, Oyo, Kongo, Ethiopia, Adal, Ajuuran, Kilwa, Mutapa, and the countries of the Mossi and Hausa culture.

The DLC Expansion Pack also added generic missions for the nations in West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and the Horn of Africa, as well as 9 new government reforms for these nations.

It also added mechanics, including nine religious characteristics, and flavor events for expanding Judaism in several African nations.

According to WePC, Ethopia will have a huge role in expanding said religion in the continent, and players will see other Jewish colonies in Africa once they accessed the religious tree.

Also, 11 new estate privileges, 16 new sprites, 2 new missionary models, and 2 music packs were added in the game for the African nations, while it also added 3 new advisor portrait sets for the Polynesian, Australian Aboriginal, and South East Asian nations.

The Origins DLC Pack also included for the African countries, as well as 8 additional free estate privileges. It also added 7 new formable countries, namely Israel, the Aksumite Empire, Great Zimbabwe, Kitara, Nubia, Somalia, and Rozwi.

It also reworked 3 existing formable countries, namely Mossi, Hausa, and Sokoto, while it converted Mali, Macina, Kongo, and Ethopia into reformables.

The DLC Pack also brought in the infamous African nation of Zulu, which according to PCGamesN, will spawn during the course of the game.

Finally, Origins also added new sets of ideas for all of the new formable countries, as well as 52 new monuments for those who owned the game's Leviathan DLC Pack.

Improvements and Fixes

Aside from the aforementioned additions, the Origins DLC Expansion Pack also included the Patch 1.32 Update for Europa Universalis IV.

According to the patch notes, the said update improved and fixed several elements in its overall performance, including an increased usage of a country's military access cache and an improved macrobuilder performance when controlling a gigantic nation.

It also fixed a lot of issues that cause performance degradation in the game, which was introduced in the Leviathan DLC Pack, as well as it stopped "Create States" notification alerts from causing significant performance issues.

It also fixed several bugs in the game that might affect its performance if they are not addressed, including fixes to issues regarding its gameplay .

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