Epic Games Store Will Give Away Three Titles for Free Next Week: How to Get Copies

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 12, 2021 05:40 AM EST
(Photo: Photo from Epic Games' Store Webpage)

As part of their usual Free Games Week, Epic Games Store will giveaway three new game titles for free. Players can now owe free copies of Guild of Dungeoneering, Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition, and Never Alone next week from the online digital video games store.

They will be replacing the Rogue Company Season 4 Epic Pack and Tiny Tina's Assault of Dragon's Keep, which according to PCGamesN, is now available for free in Epic Games Store from November 11th to November 18th.

Journey Into Different Worlds Next Week

Released in 2015 by Gambrinous and Versus Evil, Guild of Dungeoneering, according to NME, is a top-down turn-based dungeon crawl and role-playing game where players build a dungeon for a traveling hero that is diving into its depths.

To do this, they will draw cards from their guild deck each of their turns to lay down the foundations of the said dungeon, including its rooms that the hero will enter, monsters that it will be facing, traps that it will encounter and avoid, and loot that it will collect while venturing.

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The goal in the game is to train and prepare the adventurers in order for them venture the deeper, darker dungeons, where monsters and rewards await them.

On the other hand, Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition, according to PC Invasion, is a digital art exhibit made in partnership between Epic Games and the rock band, Radiohead, for the 21st year anniversary of the latter's albums, Kid A and Amnesiac.

The release of the said art exhibit, which according to USA Today, will on November 18th, will coincide with a commemorative package rerelease of the said albums under the same name, Kid A Mnesia.

Finally, Never Alone, also known as Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, is a puzzle-platformer game developed by Upper One Games in collaboration with the Iñupiat natives from Alaska, and it was released in 2014.

In the game, players will have a journey as Nuna and Fox, as they will explore the cause of the eternal blizzard the threatens the survival of their land and of their people.

They were given an opportunity to switch in between said characters in traversing through frozen tundra, ice floes, and underwater caverns, or they can have a friend to play with them in its local coop mode.

How to Get These Games for Free

Much like their previous giveaways, in order for players to get their free copies of Guild of Dungeoneering, Never Alone, and Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition in the Epic Games Store, they need to go to the digital online video game store's website and look for the "Free Games" tab.

Then, click the "Free Now" button below it. Once you are in dedicated pages of either of the games, click the "Get" button. You must be logged in before you grab these free games.

These three games will be available from November 18th, and they will be up for grabs for free in the online digital store until November 25th.

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