'Sea of Thieves' Patch 2.3.2 Update Guide: 'Feast of Bounty' Event, New Season Plunder Pass, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 12, 2021 09:24 AM EST
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Sea of Thieves announced that it had received its Patch 2.3.2 Update, which brought in new in-game additions to the first-player online multiplayer action-adventure game.

These include a new event that its players can join, as well as a new Season Pass, where they will have the opportunity to reap its rewards once they unlocked it. The said update also has list of other new additions to the game, as well as improvements and fixes to its issues.

Join in to the Feast of Bounty

One of the aforementioned additions to Sera of Thieves courtesy of its Patch 2.3.2 Update is the Feast of Bounty in-game event. According to the patch notes posted in their website, players who will be participating in the event will receive an event-exclusive Flag that they can hoist along with their friends.

During the said event, they can complete challenges that will reward them with event-exclusive cosmetics such as the Feast of Bounty makeup, scar, tattoo, and flag, as well as a Seasonal Renown.

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Aside from the event, players will also have the opportunity to snag other in-game rewards courtesy of the brand new Season Four Plunder Pass. The rewards in the said Season Pass, once purchased, will become available.

Those who missed the items from the old Season Three Plunder Pass can still have chance of obtaining them as these items will be available in the game's Emporium.

This included the Shining Pegasus weapons, costumes, and banjo, as well as the Thunderous Fury figureheads, sails and flag, and the Versatile Weapon pose and the Gold Pouch Trick emote.

Speaking of emotes, new sets of emotes are also available in the Emporium, including the Bookworm, Smooth Moves, and Safe Salutations emotes. Time-limited Festival of Plenty event items are also on sale, including pet outfits and instruments.

Finally, the Outpost will also have the Redcoat Grand Admiral costume set on sale, as well as the rewards from the past Fury of the Damned event, including the Wicked Web tankard, blunderbuss, cannons, and figureheads.

Improvements and Fixes

The Patch 2.3.2 Update also brought in improvements and changes in Sea of Thieves. According to Express, this include an improvement for its Outposts, where players are now greeted with a notification to confirm their location within the area once they explore this point of interest.

It also made players to automatically vote during proposed Voyages, which can be disabled by adjusting it in the game's Settings.

The patch update also allowed players to be ambushed by Sirens, but less frequently. It also reduced the limit on how many Sirens will appear in their encounters with the crew.

The update also increased the timer of the Shrine of Ancient Tears after its completion even before its treasures will be once more became available to players, as well as it will make Larinna offer additional Letters of Recommendation for purchase.

Finally, the patch update fixed several issues and bugs that affected its gameplay and input handling, as well as the Fury of the Damned event, and in Tall Tales and Sunken Kingdom.

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