'Sea of Thieves' Patch 2.3.2 Update Guide: 'Feast of Bounty' Event, New Season Plunder Pass, and More

'Sea of Thieves' Patch 2.3.2 Update Guide: 'Feast of Bounty' Event, New Season Plunder Pass, and More

Sea of Thieves received its Patch 2.3.2 Update, which brought in the new "Feast of Bounty" event, as well as new Season Four Plunder Pass. It also improved several of the game's elements, as well as it fixed several of its issues.

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'Sea of Thieves' Marblebeard Error Code Fix: How to Solve this Error in the Game? Plus Beginner's Guide

Despite of the promising "A Pirate's Life" update, "Sea of Thieves" is still marred with issues and bugs. This includes the "Marblebeard" error code, which affects the game's connectivity.

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Sea of Thieves Gameplay - Let's Be Dreadful Pirates - Gamescom 2016

'Sea Of Thieves' Features & Gameplay: Weekly Technical Alpha Play Session With 8,000 Invites, Sign Up Open At Insider Program

"Sea of Thieves", a shared-world action adventure game about pirates on the high seas is all set to be launched anytime in 2017. The game will delve into the pirates' life, while they search for treasures, fight other pirates, drink and do many activities that pirates do.

by Paige McClure

Sea of Thieves - NEW Alpha Gameplay Trailer (Open World Pirate Game) 2017

'Sea of Thieves' Features Gameplay & Platforms: Rare's Pirate World Adventure Coming Up In 2017

"Sea of Thieves is an action adventure video game that is coming up this year. This is an ambitious pirating game MMO adventure developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One and is targeted for release in 2017.

by Paige McClure

SCALEBOUND Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016)

Microsoft Stops Development For 'Scalebound'

Microsoft has officially confirmed that they have pulled the plug on the production of "Scalebound."

by Michael Augustin

Sea of Thieves - Technical Alpha Gameplay Trailer: The Quest for Gold

‘Sea Of Thieves’ Latest News & Updates: Technical Alpha’s First Test Exclusive For Insider Program Gamers; Only 1,000 Members Will Be Chosen?

The first test of Sea Of Thieves' Technical Alpha update will be held on the weekend of December 16-18 for Insider Program players. Only one thousand will be chosen.

by Arlene Limsiaco

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

'Sea of Thieves' launches early access 'Insider Programme', Members To Receive Regular Updates, Early Testing Builds

If you have an inner pirate in you, then “Sea of Thieves” is going to be a game you will love. The game places an emphasis on freedom of choice, allowing players to "be the pirate you want to be".

by Kristine Garcia

Sea of Thieves

‘Sea of Thieves’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Xbox Games Boss Shuns Game Release Rumors

“Sea of Thieves” is another highly anticipated game for the Xbox and the rumor mill claims that the seafarer game will be out by Feb., 2017.

by Snooky Grawls

Sea of Thieves

'Sea of Thieves' News and Update: Will Rare Ltd. Announce The Game's Release Date At 2016 SDCC?

"Sea of Thieves" is coming to this year's San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). The international convention is set to officially begin on July 21 and will end on July 24. There will also be a preview night scheduled on July 20.

by Louise Bonquin

Microsoft Holds Its Xbox 2016 Briefing During Annual E3 Gaming Conference

Xbox Play Anywhere Confirms Launch Date; Here's The List Of Games Available

Some of the season's top games, including "Gears of War 4" and "Halo Wars 2," will be available for Xbox Play Anywhere in September 2016.

by V Doctor

Sea of Thieves Gameplay Reveal - Xbox E3 2016

'Sea Of Thieves' E3 2016 News & Updates: Developers Want Your Opinion On How To Live Like A Pirate

It's not easy to be a pirate. There's looting and working with other pirates in 'Sea of Thieves'!

by Belle Smith

Microsoft Holds Its Xbox 2016 Briefing During Annual E3 Gaming Conference

'Gears of War 4' Coming To Windows 10 With Xbox One Cross-play, Cross-buy

"Gears of War" announced for Windows 10-equipped PCs, and anyone who purchases the game gets copies for both platforms and can crossplay across them too!

by Anton Chua

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