'Fortnite' Hatake Kakashi Punchcard Challenges Guide: Where to Find, How to Accomplish Challenges

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 16, 2021 08:09 PM EST
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Fortnite's Patch 18.40 Update is now online, and finally, the long-awaited collaboration between the battle royal and Naruto has rolled out with new Character Skins and Cosmetics.

The said collaboration also comes with a new set of Punchcard Quests, which will be given to the players by a Hatake Kakashi non-playable character (NPC), which they need to find in the game's map.

Once they cleared the challenges, they will be awarded with XP, which can level up their Battle Passes and unlock item rewards.

Where to Find Kakashi

In order to start the aforementioned Punchcard Challenges, they need to find Konohagakure's former Seventh Hokage and the "Copy Ninja" in Fortnite first.

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To do this, according to Inverse, they need to go towards north of the map to Misty Meadows, then head to the west of Lazy Lake.

Once they are in the area, they will find the NPC in a clearing surrounded by a bunch of rocks. From there, they will communicate with him, making him apologize first from being late before giving them the Punchcard Challenges, unlocking them in the process.

Kakashi's Punchcard Challenges 1 - Time Trial

A total of five challenges are in Kakashi's Punchcard Challenges. One of the said challenges is for players to look, and scout, a UFO catch site. In order to do this, according to PC Gamer, they will need to go east to the cliff in the area where Kakashi is there.

Once they are in the area, they will see a waterfall, and near it is the UFO crash site. Once they are in the said crash site, a time trial icon will appear. They will interact to it in order to commence the first challenge.

In this challenge, they need to collect eight Time Trial Icons. The first one will require them to drop down the cliffside, then swim across the water. From there, they will see the first icon, which they need to swim directly towards it.

After getting the first icon, they will head left to enter the slipstream, where they will ride it for a couple of seconds, until they locate the second Time Trial icon, where they will be flown towards it courtesy of their gliders.

Once they have the second one, they will turn the corner in the slipstream until they will see the third icon to the left. Much like the second one, they will fly using their gliders, then land in another UFO crash site to collect the said icon.

Next, they will head straight and drop down to the ground, where they will see the fourth icon right next to the bounce pad. Once they got the said icon, they will go towards the bounce pad and use it to launch themselves back into the slipstream.

This will take them to the further southwest to the edge of Misty Meadows, where they will see three more Time Trial icons.

The first of the three is located up on a hill, which they can fly to from the top of the slipstream. Once they got the said icon, they will go down until they saw another bounce pad, which they can use to grab the second icon that is suspending a few meters in the air.

Afterwards, they will head back to the ground, and grab the third of the icon, which was sitting nearby. Finally, they will go towards the last icon, which is located below the slipstream on the ground level. The said icon was seen sitting in a little tunnel within eyesight.

Kakashi's Punchcard Challenges 2 - Use the Paper Bomb Kunai

In the next challenge, they need to use a Paper Bomb Kunai, a weapon which consist of an explosive tag attached to a kunai. In order to do this challenge, they must locate it first.

According to Gamerant, players can either grab one as a floor loot scattered around the map, collect it from loot chests and loot llamas, or purchase it from Kakashi himself for 150 Gold Bars.

Once they got the Mythic weapon, they can throw it towards a target much like a throwable projectile. But unlike any projectiles in Fortnite, they can travel in a straight line, only descending after about 20 to 30 yards. Once it hits a target, whether if it is an opponent, an NPC, or a creature, it will automatically explode.

This weapon is ideal for any close-quarter fights, considering that it can deal 35 damage courtesy of its explosion effect.

Once they have used all of their Paper Bomb Kunai that they have, they will disappear from their inventory slot, much like Fortnite's other throwable projectiles.

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