'CoD Vanguard' Stalingrad Guide: How to Clear the First Half of this Campaign

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 22, 2021 11:00 AM EST
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Stalingrad is the third Campaign players need to clear in Call of Duty: Vanguard. This is also the most memorable one due to the fact that this is the backstory of one of its characters, Polina Petrova.

In this Campaign, players will be transported to the World War II-era Russia, where they will know about Petrova's past, including the reason for her becoming a sniper for the Soviet Army - to take her revenge towards the Nazi army.

Stalingrad, according to GFinity, may start slow, but the action inside the Campaign will intensify as the level progresses into an all-out war against the opposing army combined with the battle for their survival in the field.

How to Clear Stalingrad - First Half

In order to clear the Stalingrad, they must first clear its first objective, which is let Polina spend time with her family.

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Once a short cutscene ended, and Polina stood up, they go towards a crate of Molotoc Cocktails. They will grab the said crate, and then deliver it to Misha who is waiting at a nearby military outpost.

Afterwards, they need to reach the medical corps by traversing the rooftops in the town. To access them, they need to climb up the stacked boxes that has a yellow blanket draped above them, all of which can be seen in several points of the area.

Once they are on the rooftops, they will follow it until they reach the medical corps, which is on the other side of the apartment block.

Once they approached the two guards standing the area where the medical corps are, they will be informed them that the entrance is blocked, which means that they need to search for an alternative one.

From there, according to IGN, they need to turn right to find another set of crates, and then they will crouch under it and move through. Once they have stood up, they will walk straight ahead towards the two talking guards, then they will turn right into the area filled with tents.

From there, they will follow the street until they will reach a truck that is blocking the road. Once they saw the said truck, they will walk through a medical tent that is on the right side in order to get around it.

Then, will continue moving straight towards the stairs, where they will walk down in order to reach the station for the Medical Corps. As soon as they report to the corps, they will see airplanes flying above the sky.

Once a short cutscene ended, they will run back to the area that you came, then turn left once they have reached the main road again. From there, they would notice that the truck is gone, so they need to follow the train tracks through the sandbags.

Afterwards, they will run across the street, then up towards a dirt mound and climb up the wall in order to reach the roof. They will then follow the walkway to the left and climb up the ledges at the end in order to reach the glass roofing once again.

While they are traversing at the said glass roof, they must also need to evade fire from the airplanes, hence they need to run at the middle section of the glass roof, then they will stop halfway and turn to their left.

Afterwards, they will walk along the glass panels on the left side in order to reach the other side. Once they are in the said area, they will climb up the bricks in the wall in order to reach the upper level.

Then, they will run across the roof, then through the destroyed section of house's wall, then they will turn right until they reach a walkway, where they will follow it to the top of the slope, and then turn left. From there, they will see a window across the street.

They will take a jump, then climb up to enter the window. Afterwards, they will run through the door at their left, then they will continue sliding down, then head towards the next doorway on their left.

They will slide again towards the open section of the wall, then they will jump at the end in order to reach the next building. After a cutscene, they will walk through the door, then down the stairs, then turn right.

From there, they would notice that the area is filed with soldiers. Next, they will turn right at spot where the first soldier is spotted, then they will enter the home. Once they are inside, they head towards the next room, then turn left, then crawl through the rubble at the doorway.

Once they are on the other side, they will pick up a knife that is on the table, then stealthily go behind a Nazi soldier in the next room. Afterwards, they will initiate a Takedown against that solider.

Next, they will puck that the soldier is having, then they will turn left and head back to the hall, where they need to kill another soldier that is stationed there. Afterwards, they need to turn right, then they will continue down the hallway.

From there, they will kill three more soldiers while using the doorway as cover. Then, they will pick up an MP-40, and move towards the end of the room until they will find an open window.

Once they exited the building through the said window, they will see lots of Nazi soldiers patrolling the ground. From there, they will climb up the bricks, then onto the ledge in order to have a better view.

Once they saw Polina's father open fire towards the soldiers, they will traverse through the ruined buildings until they have come across a window, where they will open it and enter inside. This will trigger another cinematic.

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