'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl' Shiny Pokemon Guide: How to Catch this Version

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This Shiny Shinx is one of the Shiny Pokemon that are present in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl, which players can encounter using several methods.
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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players were given the opportunity to catch Pokemon that they will encounter in the Sinnoh region, either to be included in their team in their quest to get the badges from the region's Gym Leaders and defeat the Elite Four, or to collect them all to complete the National Pokedex.

One of the Pokemon that they will encounter in the game are their Shiny Versions. These Pokemon were different from others because of their color, as well as they are hard to find, and catch, as they are rare in the Sinnoh region.

However, there are many ways to catch these Pokemon, and be included in their in-game collection or their Pokemon team.

Ways to Catch Shiny Pokemon

One of the said methods that players can do to catch Shiny Pokemon, especially if they want the said version for either the Sinnoh Starter Pokemon Trio or the Legendary Pokemon, is through the Soft Reset method.

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In order to this method, according to Gamepur, players must first save the game before an encounter with the Pokemon of their choosing.

If they want a Shiny version of either Piplup, Chimchar, or Turtwig, they will save their game data right before they venture into the Lake Verity at the starting moments of the game.

If they want to catch either a Shiny Dialga or a Shiny Palkia, they need to save first while that are on the top of the Spear Pillar, right before encountering either of the two Legendary Pokemon.

Once they have saved the game, they can now begin the said encounter. Once the Starter Pokemon that they have, or the Legendary Pokemon that they have caught, is not the Shiny version, they will perform a soft reset in their Nintendo Switch by pressing the "Home Button" in their JoyCon.

Once they pressed the button, it will force to close the game, then they will boot it back up immediately. Once they have loaded their saved game file, they will go back to the place where they were before the said encounter began, and then they will repeat the said process until they have caught the Shiny Pokemon of their liking.

This method, however, will not work on several Pokemon that are located in the Underground, as well as those that are Shiny-locked, or did not have a corresponding Shiny version.

It is also time-consuming, which means that they need to dedicate their hours of play in order to catch a Shiny Pokemon using this method.

Other method that they can also use is the Chain Catching method. In this method, according to Nintendo Life, they need to complete first the Sinnoh Dex before going to Professor Rowan in order to upgrade their Pokedex into the National Dex, allowing them to catch almost 500 Pokemon, including new Legendaries.

Afterwards, they will head towards the Ramanas Park, which is located in Route 221. Once they entered the area, they will run into Professor Oak, and after talking to him, he will give them the Poke Radar.

Another item that they need to collect in the Ramanas Park, and use in this method, is the Chain Counter, which it can track their catches.

Next, they need to pick a Pokemon that has a corresponding Shiny version that they want to catch, then they will load up on Repeat Balls and Super Repels. Once they got the items, they can now proceed in doing this method.

To do this, they must be in the wild, where their preferred Pokemon is located. From there, they will use the Poke Radar to find it. While using it, several patches of grass in the area will start to shake, meaning that it has a Pokemon staying there that they need to either capture or defeat.

They will continues the said process over and over again, building a chain and increasing the odds that the next Pokemon that they will encounter will be a Shiny.

Once they have created either a 40th or a 100th Chain, they will have 1 in 99 odds of encountering a Shiny version of the Pokemon that they chose.

They need to keep in mind that that they need to save the game and turn the Autosave function first before doing this method, as there are chances that they might break the chain.

Another way to obtain a Shiny Pokemon is through the Breeding Method, or the Masuda Method, which is named after Masuda Junichi, the composer, director, and producer of the Pokemon game franchise.

In this method, according to Dot Esports, players must have two Pokemons from different geographical real-world origins in order to breed an Egg that has a Shiny Pokemon.

To do this, they need to have a Pokemon from their region they are playing at, and a compatible partner that is from a different region, which they can obtain through Trade. For example, a player in the North America will have another Pokemon needed for this method from Asia by trading.

Once they got the said Pokemon, they will go to the Nursery in Solaceon Town, which is located east of Hearthome City, between Routes 209 and 210. They will give the Pokemon to the Caretaker and they will wait for period of time before returning for them.

Once they got both of the Pokemon, they will also receive an Egg, which might hold a Shiny Pokemon. They will have 1 in 683 odds of getting the said Pokemon using this method.

Finally, there is a method that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl gave to its players, which will also require the Poke Radar.

In this final method, according to Comicbook, they will need to go to the Grand Underground. As they are traversing the area, they will notice a lot of Digletts and Dugtrios popping up from the ground, leaving behind something shiny, which players will collect.

As they have the said shiny items, they will notice that a gauge on the left-side of their screen was slowly filling up, as well as the "n/40," where the n is increasing based on the number of the said items they have collected.

Once they have collected all 40 of the said items, a message that reads "Something Good Might Happen" will appear. This will tell them that the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon Hideaways, which is also located underground, was increased.

They need to keep in mind that in order to encounter a Shiny Pokemon in a Pokemon Hideaway, they must first leave the said area, and then re-enter to receive said bonus.

It will also signify that the odds of encountering one in the Grand Underground will be halved, from 1 in 4096 to 1 in 2048.

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